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Palmer criticizes “outrage rituals” after Facebook post | Free press

He wants to apologize to footballer Dennis Aogo – otherwise not. After criticizing his Facebook post, Mayor Palmer of Tübingen goes on the attack. And speaks of attempts to “muzzle people”.

Tübingen (dpa) – Mayor Boris Palmer of Tübingen wants to apologize to footballer Dennis Aogo for his controversial statements – otherwise not.

“These excuses are part of the outrage rituals used to muzzle people,” the green politician said in an interview published online by the weekly “Die Zeit”.

This is about something much bigger than just a sentence. It’s about the cancellation culture, in which I see a serious threat to open society. “He keeps his head upright and doesn’t want to delete the comment on Facebook either.” Oh God no! That will later be interpreted as an admission of guilt. “

Cancel Culture describes the exclusion of persons or organizations because of insults or discrimination.

Palmer had used the so-called N word in a post about former national player Aogo, who has a Nigerian father. This term is used today to describe a racist term used in Germany for black people. The Greens now want to exclude him from the party.

Green leader Annalena Baerbock had Monday evening in the ZDF program “What now?” said, “I think this statement is racist and really offensive and he should have apologized for it.” Because Palmer did not, she took a clear position as party chair.

The 48-year-old told the “Zeit” that if Aogo finds his “satirical comment” offensive, he apologizes for it. “I guess he won’t ask for that.”

“I admit that was a failed attempt at satire,” said Palmer. From his point of view, the exaggeration was obvious. “It wasn’t until a single sentence was photographed and spread on Twitter without context that the virtual lynch mob was activated.”

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