“Pai em Dobro”: Netflix ‘dramatic comedy that convinced the Portuguese

“Pai em Dobro”: Netflix ‘dramatic comedy that convinced the Portuguese

It debuted on the streaming platform last Friday and has Maisa Silva as its protagonist.

Maisa Silva is the protagonist.

It landed on Netflix on Friday January 15th and it only took a weekend to hit the top of platform trends in Portugal. We’re talking about the dramatic comedy “Pai em Dobro”, the new Brazilian film in the catalog.

This is the story of Vicenza, a young woman who grew up in a hippie community and decides at the age of 18 to look for her birth father – whom she has never met. The girl goes to the city of Rio de Janeiro to begin this journey, but finds out more than she expected.

She is hiding from her mother, Raion, who is on a trip to India. In Rio de Janeiro, Vicenza discovers two potential parents, Paco and Giovani – hence the title of the film.

“Vicenza is ready. She shows maturity, but she looks like a child who discovers things she did not know, for example when she sees an escalator for the first time, ”explained the leading actress Maisa Silva to a Brazilian portal.

The story was written by Thalita Rebouças, author of books such as “Fala Sério, Mãe!”, “Tudo por um Popstar” or “Uma Fada Veio-me Visitar”, which have also been adapted for films or television. In this case, the process was exactly the opposite. After the film, “Pai em Dobro” was turned into a book.

“Turning the film into a book was the funnest thing of my career. I didn’t have to cut anything, the book that you can write at will, ”said Thalita, who also decided to give this project a more emotional tone. “People have always associated me with humor, but I feel like I’m moving more on the emotional side now.”

“When I watched, I decided to have both parents. In all honesty, I think I would have a similar reaction to Giovani because Vicenza is charming, ”said Marcelo Médici, actor who plays Giovani.

For Eduardo Moscovis, an actor in the role of Paco, the film can create a feeling of identification with the audience, since the protagonist is a young woman who searches for her origins. “The film easily raises some relevant issues, like parenting since many children don’t have that recognition.”

The cast also includes names like Laila Zaid, Caio Vegatti, Elizeu Roberto, Rayana Diniz, Roberto Bonfim, Pedro Otonni, Thaynara Og and the Portuguese-Brazilian singer Fafá de Belém.

The film lasts approximately an hour and 40 minutes and was directed by Cris D’Amato. It has a huge impact in Brazil (and not only) because Maisa Silva is not only an actress, but also a presenter, Youtuber and singer and has a large audience on social networks. He has more than 36 million followers on Instagram alone.

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