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The prequel’s plot unfolds promising darker games


In June 2019, we learned that Suzanne Collins was preparing a prequel for Hunger Games entitled The Ballad of Songbirds and Snake, and that Liongaste would be producing the adaptation of the novel on the big screen at the same time. The Hunger Games will return to the cinema more than ten years after the trilogy was released. Today we know a little more about the production thanks to the producer of the films.

Hunger Games that have evolved and a new vision

During New York Comic Con, Nina Jacobson, the producer of the Hunger Games films, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what the prequel would mean for us. According to the producer, we have the right to see the games from a different perspective with less pomp and play in a different era.

As she explains to the American media, the prequel will “contain the 10th Hunger Games as opposed to The Burning’s 75th. I think these games are a lot less colorful than they become.”

It will be interesting for Nina Jacobson to see her development and offer to show the story in a way the team has not yet done:

I think seeing a character from the Capitol with a perspective that will take you through a good part of the story is something we never really did. We’ve had some very good characters from the Capitol, but we only know them through the eyes of our protagonist from the district. We’ve never seen the world from a Capitol character, and certainly not from Snow.

David Levithan, editor of the novels, shares this point of view and thinks the development of Snow is interesting, but underlines that the development of Panem remains what will be more interesting.

The prequel will introduce us to a new character different from Katniss. This is Lucy, who, according to the producer, “understands the strength of her femininity” and has a completely different personality:

Lucy is more mysterious because she is in the entertainment business. She plays with the public in her own way.

As a reminder, the realization of the prequel for Hunger Games was entrusted to Francis Lawrence, who had already directed The Burning, Revolt 1 and 2. The script will be entrusted to Michael Arndt, Oscar winner for the screenplay for Little Miss Sunshine.

big updates announced, all information


Landing like an angel from heaven, Genshin Impact quickly took mobile, PS4 and PC players around the world by storm. An AAA gacha that grossed more than $ 100 million in just two weeks and could revolutionize the video game industry at the start of a new price hike. The next updates have been released, here they are.

a mess of novelties

The next few months will be busy for Genshin Impact players. To keep its players active, miHoYo will not skimp on content. While the events in Genshin Impact continue, the Chinese studio has shared their roadmap and given us a glimpse of the next content on the way.

The first update is from November 11th. Simply called 1.1, it allows players to discover the “The Unreconciled Stars” event. While the exact content remains a mystery, a new Cryo character would be introduced there at some point, but also offered. Note that Act 2 of Chapter Inazuma should also be part of the game. Quick jump around December 23rd with Update 1.2. A new event is planned, as is the opening of the Dosdragon Mountains, a region that was previously inaccessible. As for Update 1.3, we have to wait until February 2021 with the Lantern Festival-related event.

Back to Update 1.1: With this final update, players can lock their weapons and artifacts to prevent accidental merging. You can get the description of each object to see how to get it, but also keep your eyes on an anemocolus and geoculus detector. A godsend for those who don’t want to explore every corner of the Genshin Impact map without radar.

Baldur’s Gate 3: the promise of a grand cru that needs refining now


Baldur’s Gate 3 embodies the growing flagship of an award-winning studio.

After the excellent Divinity II and Divinity Original Sin I and II, here are Larian Studios’ role-playing game specialists dealing with a pantheon of video games: the Baldur’s Gate license. So that everyone can discover the progress of Baldur’s Gate 3, the Belgian studio offers to discover the first chapter in Early Access. Full Access Privileged access that still leaves stars in your eyes. A starter worthy of Larian Studios Just a week after the early access release for Baldur’s Gate 3, Steam players seem to be in love. …

Read more: Baldur’s Gate 3: the promise of a grand cru that now needs refining on Hitek.fr

These little pointers shouldn’t be missed on the posters of the second season


D-17 ahead of The Mandalorian’s second season release on Disney +. While Disney waits to discover the new adventures of Din Djarin and the kid, it has unveiled four advertising posters that contain many small details.

4 notes on the posters and a new teaser

These are very nice posters that Disney and Lucasfilm are offering us a few days before the release of the second season of The Mandalorian. These 4 posters honor the child, Din Djarin, Cara Dune and Greef Karga, the 4 friends who went on an adventure together at the end of the first season. At first glance, these posters only show the characters, but they hide references to Season 2 of The Mandalorian.

The child

Din Djarin

Cara Dune

Greef Karga

# 1 Gamorran guards

On the posters by Din, Cara and Greef, we see the heads of pigs with large canine teeth on the walls. This, of course, refers to the Gamorrean guards seen in Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi. If the guards are there, Jabba won’t be present in Season 2, as the action takes place after the Jedi return, an episode in which Jabba is killed.

# 2 An Aqualish

On the Greef poster we see an Aqualish, this alien breed is known to Star Wars fans. One of them, Ponda Baba, loses his arm to Obi-Wan in the cantina at the beginning of A New Hope. We can imagine that our bounty hunter will go to a place where Aqualishs are not welcome because the alien’s head is crossed out in red.

# 3 A symbol of the Rebel Alliance

The Rebel Alliance symbol at the top right of Cara’s poster suggests her past as a Shock Trooper is mentioned. We should learn more about the history of this character.

# 4 A Tusken Sandman

On the Baby Yoda poster, we see the head of a Tusken Sandman in the upper left corner. Season 1 of The Mandalorian took us to Tatooine, we should return there in Season 2.

A new trailer

And finally, we let you discover the latest images that have been revealed while you wait for the second season of The Mandalorian to be released on October 30th.

An indispensable offer for the excellent Xiaomi Mi 10 5G 128 Go!


If you are looking for a smartphone compatible with the new 5G packages, then here is the Xiaomi Mi 10. It benefits from a very nice discount as it falls below the limit of 550 euros!

Xiaomi Mi 10: a cell phone for the future

The Xiaomi Mi 10 has an impressive curved 6.67-inch Super Amoled display with a Full HD + resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels, which is compatible with HDR10 +. In addition, the latter has a refresh rate of 90Hz so you can enjoy it in games and videos.

He has the following in his stomach:

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Graphics chip: Adreno 650 RAM: 8 GB Storage: 128 GB

On the side of the photo we are on a module with 4 sensors:

108 megapixels, wide angle 13 megapixels, ultra wide angle 2 megapixels, macro 2 megapixels, depth

In terms of autonomy, it is equipped with a Li-Po 4780 mAh battery compatible with 30W fast charging, 30W wireless charging and 5W reverse charging.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 was launched at a price of 600 euros and currently only costs 549 euros in its 128 GB version. Finally, there are Jabra Elite 75T noise-canceling headphones.

3 good reasons to succumb to this smartphone

5G compatibility Raw Power TOP camera!

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What do his tattoos mean?


Chris Evans, best known for playing the role of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, regularly posts photos on Instagram and reveals his many tattoos. But what is their meaning?

A great lover of tattoos

Actor Chris Evans is very active on social networks and especially on Instagram, where he regularly posts a lot of photos. We’ve regularly told you about the bad buzz he was exposed to when he accidentally posted an intimate photo in a story before he got away with a pirouette that is as extraordinary as it is funny. The Captain America and Snowpiercer actor is a true tattoo enthusiast and already has seven under his belt. His numerous tattoos have also moved the web, as evidenced by the many articles on the subject.

It has been known for some time that Chris Evans and his colleagues Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner shared a tattoo: the A of the Avengers. Only Mark Ruffalo refused to play the game, perhaps for fear of the needles …

The actor also had a tattoo on his ribs dedicated to Matt Bardsley, a friend who died in a tragic car accident in 2003: “In loving memory of Bardsley, always with me”. Matt Bardsley influenced Chris Evans deeply and encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming an actor in Hollywood. His tattoo on his left arm, depicting a bull’s head, pays homage to his mother, for whom it is the astrological sign. The actor is also very familiar with the initials “SCS” of his two sisters (Carly and Shanna) and his brother (Scott), which are tattooed on his right ankle. The actor says he is very loyal to his family and even has a “loyalty” tattoo on his right arm.

The quote from Eckhart Tolle that he tattooed on his chest (“If you lose contact with inner silence, you lose contact with yourself.”), This is an explicit reference. to the Buddhism of the actor.

That scene that made the entire cast vomit while filming the series


Filming Game of Thrones wasn’t easy. Between the epic battles, the unsavory deaths, the rapes, and the torture scenes, the film crews and cast had a lot to do. Nevertheless, one scene stands out. A scene so disgusting that almost everyone vomited.

when the bowel is empty

Weeks go by and James Hibberd’s book “Fire Can’t Kill a Dragon” continues to tell us the secrets of the Game of Thrones series. Despite its bloodshed, usual beheadings, and charred corpses, Game of Thrones only needed a single animal corpse to turn the stomachs of all of its teams. Bryan Cogman testifies to this memorable moment despite himself when the production wanted to bring back a real dead deer on set for the sake of realism.

You know, during the very first episode of the very first season, Ned Stark, accompanied by his sons and a few men, discovers the corpse of a deer on the way back, courage in the air. There he also finds the corpse of a huge wolf, nearby wiggling boys who are finally trained and fed by the Stark siblings. Although the disgust cannot be read on their faces, the actors and some technicians threw themselves up to this dead deer.

And for good reason, the disgusting gases emitted from the corpse’s bowels are testing its stomach:

“Instead of using a stuffed deer to cut it to show the organs, we had a real dead deer. It was swollen and filled with gas. We did everything in this scene before we opened the deer’s belly Then we got to that moment when we put a knife in. Nobody expected it. The guts came out and the smell made the whole team vomit, “explains Tim Van Patten, director of the first two. Episodes of the series.

A scene that is difficult to qualify as “primordial” for the plot of the series and which still shaped many heads on the film set. The most memorable scenes are not necessarily what we expect. And if you want to discover other behind-the-scenes anecdotes, you can pre-order the book here on Amazon, just like you did with Fnac.

Big promo for Jabra Elite 75T True Wireless Active Noise Canceling headphones


Today we brought you a Bose wireless headset. Now you have to satisfy fans of wireless in-ear headphones, and good business is in the Jabra Elite 75T True Wireless.

Jabra Elite 75T: high quality true wireless headphones

The Jabra Elite 75T are a great alternative to the Apple AirPods 2 as they offer similar features and functionality at a much cheaper price.

Firstly, they have a simple and efficient design that is also waterproof and dustproof thanks to an IP55 certification. You can therefore take them with you during your exercise classes.

They are equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC) that allows you to fully immerse yourself in your movie by removing all ambient noise. You can even customize it with the Sound + app or simply by pressing the button when you don’t have your smartphone on hand.

They also have MySound and MyControls features that allow you to customize your sound to suit your own hearing, and you can program the buttons to suit your specific needs.

In terms of autonomy, Jabra announces 28 hours thanks to the pocket charging case. And if you want to know more, you can read our review.

For Prime Day, the Jabra Elite 75T costs 139.99 euros, while it averages 180 euros.

Why are you being tempted?

Autonomy Active noise reduction Personalization

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The next generation console interface was hilariously teased by Burger King


After an initial presentation in an appropriate form, Sony has not yet lifted the veil on the user interface of its PlayStation 5. While some videographers around the world have been able to put their hands and eyes on the next generation console from Sony, that interface remains a mystery. And at the start of an upcoming announcement, the Japanese manufacturer is teasing its user interface via a Burger King ad.

when Burger King Playstation teases 5

As surprising as it may seem, Sony teased the user interface of its PlayStation 5 with an advertisement for the Burger King fast food restaurant. In a short video posted to Twitter for just 15 seconds, the American franchise’s mascot opens a bag that emits a blue light. Each time it is opened, there is a sound that can be mistaken for the start sound of the PlayStation 5 user interface.

do whopper sandwiches usually do this? pic.twitter.com/lQhvIEZ2fG

October 12, 2020

At the end of the video a date appears on which we can make an appointment on October 15th this Thursday. Could it be that Sony is revealing its entire user interface through Burger King? A short video whose sole aim is to tease a hypothetical competition? A PlayStation 5 that can be won by purchasing a Whooper? Possible. You have to wait a few more days to be sure.

As a reminder, the PlayStation 5 will be released in France on November 19th. The next-gen console from Sony, which is marketed in the Digital Edition at a price of 399 euros and in the version with a Blu-Ray player at a price of 499 euros, may take some time before it is in the Living room is found Many players have rushed pre-orders and reduced stocks.

Black Panther and Thor 2 are finally in the right place


In what order can you watch MCU movies? The question has already been answered several times and the official order has changed again. On Disney + in the US, Disney and Marvel are offering a new order with a new space for Black Panther and Thor: The Dark World.

MCU films are given a new chronological order

2020 should be marked by the start of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of the films Black Widow and The Eternals in theaters and the arrival of the series Falcon & the Winter Soldier and WandaVision on Disney +. Unfortunately the coronavirus was there and everything was postponed until next year. While you wait to discover these new stories, you can have fun checking out all of the first three stages, which are made up of 23 feature films. Marvel Studios hooked us between 2008 and 2019 and it’s always a pleasure to see the different films again, but where do I start? At the time Avengers: Infinity War was released, you were offered an initial chronological order that Kevin Feige had cleared up at the time Avengers: Endgame was released. A new chronological order is proposed today.

There’s no media timeline in the US, so all of the MCU movies except Hulk and the two Spider-Man are already available on Disney +. It is possible to rediscover films phase by phase, but there is another solution. So that users can fully discover or rediscover the MCU under good conditions, the platform now offers to view the films in chronological order. So little change takes place, Thor: The Dark World and Black Panther still offer a new location. Here is the order in which you can watch the Marvel Studios movies. The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man Homecoming, and Spider-Man: Far From Home are therefore excluded from this list. If you still want to integrate them, we’ve put them in bold.

Captain America: The First AvengerCaptain MarvelIron ManIron Man 2The Incredible HulkThorThe AvengersThor: The Dark WorldIron Man 3Captain America: The Winter SoldierGuardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Avengers 2: Age of UltronAnt-ManCaptain America: Civil WarBlack Strange PantherTechoroming : RagnarokAnt-Man & The Wasp Avengers: Infinity WarAvengers: EndgameSpider-Man: Far From Home