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Owen Wilson never wanted to meet his 3-year-old daughter – The Actor’s Darkest Story

Owen Wilson never wanted to meet his 3-year-old daughter – The Actor’s Darkest Story

Over the years there have been several calls for a change in the actor’s attitude towards little Lyla. But Wilson seems uncompromising.

At 53, Owen Wilson is a popular actor with a more than established career in Hollywood. He is best known for the films he has directed with Wes Anderson, but also for the countless comedies he has acted in over the years. This Thursday, February 10th, a new story like this arrives in Portuguese cinemas.

Marry Me is a romantic comedy directed by Kat Coiro. The premise is very simple. Pop star couple Kat Valdez and Bastian (played by Jennifer Lopez and Maluma) are about to get married in front of fans around the world.

Only a few seconds before her “yes” Kat learns that Bastian has been unfaithful to her. So instead of sticking with the plans, she decides to marry Charlie, a stranger who was in the crowd. Charlie is the character of Owen Wilson.

Originally from Texas, Wilson grew up in a creative family. The mother was a photographer, the father worked in advertising and television. Brothers Andrew and Luke Wilson are also actors.

Owen Wilson has specialized in family roles and has made films such as “Marley & Me”, “Night at the Museum”, “Cars”, “Marriage Breakers”, “Me, You and the Plaster” and “Midnight in Paris”. many other. She often plays friendly, almost naive characters. Because of this, many fans who don’t know his personal life assume he’s a guy with a conventional family.

Not quite. Owen Wilson has three children, but the result of three different relationships – he was always a single father. He appears to have healthy, normal relationships with his two eldest children, but he has no connection with his youngest daughter, Lyla, whom he has never met.

“Lyla needs a father. It’s ironic how [Owen Wilson] He continues to have those fatherly roles and he’s never met his daughter,” Varunie Vongsvirates, Lyla’s mother, who has been in a relationship with the actor for around five years, told The Daily Mail.

Lyla Aranya Wilson was born in October 2018. According to sources speaking to media, Varunie Vongsvirates reportedly told the actor that she became pregnant early in her pregnancy. The actor didn’t want any more children and the two suddenly ended their relationship.

The case was discussed in court. Owen Wilson will have given up his visitation and custody rights – with no intention of maintaining a relationship with his daughter – but he is diligently fulfilling his obligations. Various outlets have reported over the years that Owen pays Wilson around $25,000 a month to help with Lyla’s expenses. You have even already made additional payments for extraordinary expenses. Prior to this trial, the actor took a paternity test, which is said to have verified that he was Lyla’s father. And the physical similarities between the two are obvious.

“He helps financially, but that was never the point,” says Varunie Vongsvirates, who has repeatedly called for Lyla’s father to be included in her life. “You should see your daughter, she’s amazing, you really miss that. And it looks a lot like you.”

However, Owen Wilson will never, for whatever reason, have had a desire to meet his daughter. The actor has never spoken publicly about Lyla, and he doesn’t often talk about his personal life. Several fans are speculating that it could have to do with the mental health issues Owen Wilson has had in the past — the actor even tried to take his own life in 2007 while suffering from a major depression that prompted him to take part on the film “Storm. Tropical”.

Interestingly, Owen Wilson has already given several interviews in which he speaks openly about his two eldest children. Ten-year-old Robert is even named after Owen Wilson’s father. He is the actor’s son with Jade Duell, a girlfriend he broke up with the year his son was born.

The other seven-year-old son is called Finn. He is Wilson’s son with fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist, who was then married although – reportedly – was in the process of divorce. That said, Owen Wilson never raised a child while in a relationship with his mother. But he maintained friendly relations with Jane Duell and Caroline Lindqvist.

The actor has previously commented that the two children get along quite well – in fact, Robert and Finn spent one of the periods of confinement during the pandemic with Owen Wilson.

Over the years, several fans of the actor have taken to social media to speak out on the matter, asking Owen Wilson to start a relationship with his daughter, Lyla.


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