Overwatch: Blizzard is accused of cultural appropriation for a funny reason


Overwatch was released in 2016 and continues its rise in the sport. Blizzard’s FPS should be welcoming a sequel for the next few years, soberly called Overwatch 2. Until then, however, Overwatch will continue to acquire new content. Problem: One of the newest skins was heavily criticized. Blizzard was even accused of cultural appropriation.

Blizzard accused of cultural appropriation

This coming weekend, Saturday May 7th and Sunday May 8th, Blizzard is hosting an Overwatch tournament called May Melee. Professional league players compete against each other and provide competitive fans with a spectacle for the eyes. To celebrate the event, Blizzard has formalized a new skin: MM-Mei. Behind this play on words hides a new skin from Mei, the Chinese character of Overwatch. And as you can see from her design shown below, Mei can be seen there in an MMA outfit with tight braids at the hairline.

Put it up, MM-Mei steps into the ring

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April 28, 2021

However, for some internet users, seeing an Asian character with tight braids is a cultural appropriation. A hairstyle of African origin that some believe should not be worn by a character who is not of African ancestry. Although Overwatch has several African characters, they are all male. Interested parties will have to wait until Overwatch 2 is released and Sojourn’s character arrives to be able to control one.

Who at Blizzard thought it was a good idea to give Mei a hairstyle that her hair texture could never pull off and that she would have no reason to ??? As is clear, the Overwatch team is deliberately trolling black people because you still haven’t learned it.

April 29, 2021

Who at Blizzard thought it was a good idea to give Mei a hairstyle that because of the texture of her hair she could never wear and that she had no reason to? It’s clear that the Overwatch team is purposely making fun of black people for still not getting the hang of it.

Why did you give the Asian woman a black hairstyle? Why did you do that?

April 29, 2021

Why did you give an Asian woman a black hairstyle? Why did you do that ?!

Not only is this getting fucked for obvious reasons, but it’s … such bad skin in general

April 29, 2021

Not only is it bad for an obvious reason, it’s … such bad skin in general.

After the announcement of MM-Meis Skin, Blizzard received heavy criticism on social media. Nevertheless, MM-Mei should remain available until May 11th. To get it, nothing could be easier, you just need to purchase Overwatch League tokens. You have two options: watch the games of the competition this weekend or grab your wallet. Are you planning to buy this skin? Don’t hesitate to reply to us via the poll below and argue in the comments section.