Over 40% off this interactive LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander set

If you’re a fan of LEGOs and the Star Wars saga, here is the LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander interactive set that you’re sure to enjoy.

A Lego set to collect or have fun!

This LEGO Star Wars Droid Commander set is part of the Star Wars BOOST collection and offers the construction of no less than 3 droids with 1777 parts and lots of accessories.

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R2-D2, Gonk-Droid, Mouse-Droid.

And as I said before, it’s an interactive set that includes certain parts:

a Bluetooth Move Hub, a color sensor, a distance sensor and an interactive motor.

In addition, it is possible to bring these robots to life with your smartphone or tablet and the LEGO BOOST Star Wars app. You need to program several specific actions and assign them to each mission.

The LEGO online shop has this set at a price of 219.99 euros, but now you can buy it for just 125 euros, that’s over 40% instant discount! And if there is not enough space left on your tablet or smartphone, you can find a Lexar Pro 512 GB microSD card here.

Why fall for this LEGO set?

A great price compared to the Lego Boost series from the LEGOLore Star Wars saga

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