Order the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset at a reduced price

The Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset is scheduled for October 13, 2020 and can be pre-ordered at a reduced price.

Oculus Quest VR headset: for an extraordinary gaming experience

This time you can forget about the PC, console, mouse, etc. With this all-in-one game system specially developed for virtual reality, you can play anywhere, anywhere. Thanks to the two Oculus Touch controllers, it can understand the environment of the game through completely natural movements. In addition to this optimized tracking of gestures and movements, the device is equipped with the appropriate technologies to ensure realistic and intuitive precision.

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Sitting or standing, indoors or outdoors, here is an ideal tool to immediately enjoy full immersion. The device is supported by an ultra-fast processor, in this case the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2. It can store between 64 and 256 GB of data and works with 6 GB of RAM. In addition, it is equipped with an LCD screen that has 50% more pixels compared to the Oculus Quest, i.e. H. A resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye.

In addition, the built-in algorithm can record and save the limits of your leeway. The Occulus Guardian’s AI enables the player to avoid contact with surrounding obstacles while standing. is moving. Thanks to the integrated loudspeaker, the device also promises optimal immersion in the sound. These generate extraordinary positional and cinematic 3D sound.

To top it off, various reference games are available directly from the special library.

Don’t wait any longer and start an adventure by getting the Oculus Quest VR headset for € 329.99 instead of the usual € 349.99, i.e. H. With 6% discount. Also note that club members Rakuten can be reimbursed 16 euros, which will be passed on to next purchases! But that’s not all. With the code CR20 you can benefit from a reduction of 20 euros. In other words, you can save up to 106 euros if you are a member of the Rakuten Club and 90 euros if you only use the discount code.

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3 reasons to crack

Total immersion Realistic and intuitive experience Freedom

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