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OPTO, SIC’s streaming platform, hit Apple TV

OPTO, SIC’s streaming platform, hit Apple TV

Four months after launch, the platform received another access point.

Last November, SIC ventured into the world of streaming with the launch of OPTO, a platform with some content that already has history on the Paço de Arcos channel, but also exclusive content.

In addition to access to the website, OPTO now offers a further form of visualization, the app for Android and Apple as well as the smart TVs from Samsung. In a statement, SIC stressed that “it remains committed to the democratization and accessibility of access to the OPTO in order to provide the best possible experience
Visualization “.

In Portugal, OPTO membership costs € 3.99 per month or € 39.99 per year and can be canceled at any time. Abroad, the annual price is € 69.99, which means that SIC Notícias can also be broadcast live.

The platform’s catalog includes soap operas, documentaries, series, humor programs and reports. The platform’s extras include the ability to preview episodes of the series and novels on the day before they are broadcast on the normal SIC broadcast.

Take the opportunity to read NiT’s article about the launch of OPTO, which will tell you in detail everything that can be seen on SIC’s streaming platform.


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