OPTO: Everything that can be seen on the new SIC streaming platform

November 24th is the day a major TV station in Portugal takes streaming seriously for the first time – with a paid service and exclusive content. SIC has already officially launched OPTO, which can be subscribed to online, on the website or via the official app for mobile devices.

It’s a simple model. There is a free version and a paid version, exclusively for subscribers, with such exclusive content. Access is currently only possible via computer, mobile phone or tablet. However, SIC guarantees that an app for LG and Samsung Smart TVs, Android TV devices as well as Apple TV and Chromecast will be available shortly.

What can you see

With 100 percent operation, OPTO has more than four thousand hours of content. In the premium version there are special programs and series, a preview of episodes of soap operas and compact news in three versions: ten, 15 or 20 minutes.

From this Tuesday you can watch the first two episodes of “A Generala”, one of the series that opens the OPTO catalog. It’s a production inspired by a true story of a Portuguese woman who pretended to be a common man and who was arrested for fraud.

Soraia Chaves, who plays the protagonist, has already spoken to NiT about the project. “It is a series of six episodes in which we depict all stages of a person’s life. It is an intimate look at how that person has grown, the environment around him and what determines his path and leads him to begin a journey looking for freedom. It is a person’s struggle to live freely and with dignity to his identity. ”The cast also includes names like Margarida Marinho, Vitória Guerra and Carolina Carvalho.

Another highlight is the documentary “How is Bicho Mexe?” – the improvised talk show that Bruno Nogueira created on Instagram at the time of the first delivery in the spring.

The production is a documentary recording of the special Christmas broadcast that took place in May when the suspicion began, which was watched live by more than 170,000 people while Bruno Nogueira and his companion walked the streets of the greater Lisbon area towards the Coliseu dos dos Recreios, with several epic moments along the way.

In addition to the additional content of “This is fun for those who work”, Ricardo Araújo Pereira will have a new sketch format, episode 0 of which is already included in the OPTO. José Diogo Quintela, Miguel Góis, Cláudio Almeida, Manuel Cardoso, Cátia Domingues, Guilherme Fonseca and Joana Marques continue to work with Ricardo Araújo Pereira on this project.

The bet is also made in alternative formats within the information provided by SIC. For example, the documentary series “Mercado Negro” by journalist Sofia Pinto Coelho is available in four episodes. It focuses on the world of crime and secret business.

There is also a new program from Clara de Sousa called “5+”. Each episode focuses on one type of top 5 specific events related to Portugal. There is one of the five most noticeable disasters and another episode about the five most important air accidents in our history.

The catalog also contains non-original content. There is currently an extensive range of international Christmas films as well as documentary and entertainment projects, the broadcast rights of which have been acquired by SIC so that OPTO subscribers have access. In this area it cannot be compared with the catalogs of the most important streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video, not least because the focus seems to be on the original productions of SIC.

For this reason old (and also current) programs from SIC are available from OPTO. Watch or review episodes of “The Bridegroom Is Who Knows”, “Married At First Sight”, “Fama Show”, “Shadow Government”, “An Adventure”, “Magical Minutes”, “The Tree of Desires”, “It there crisis “,” The Mask “,” Family Doctor “,” Terra Nossa “,” The Aleixo Program “,” High Definition “,” 24 Hours of Life “,” Red Carpet “,” Irritations “,” The Car “do Amor ”or“ Floribella ”, along with many other perennial soap operas (and some Brazilian productions by Globo that have been broadcast by SIC). See also magazines devoted to the world of football and great reviews by SIC free version of OPTO will be available.

The OPTO interface contains content that is divided into categories or collections of proposals – similar to international platforms. It is also possible to search for specific content and access some details about each program before clicking on it to view it. The live SIC broadcast can also be followed on this digital service.

What will you see

Soon the series “O Clube” will debut, a television production inspired by the memories of the ancient bearer of the White Elephant – in other words, it will be a narrative that will focus on the night of Lisbon. The cast includes names like Sara Matos, Filipa Areosa, Carolina Torres, Luana Piovani, Margarida Vila Nova, Vera Kolodzig, Sharam Diniz, José Raposo, Vítor Norte, and Fábia Rebordão – in addition to a character played by Ljubomir Stanisic.

The chef (who will shortly be introducing a new program at SIC, the adaptation of “Hell’s Kitchen”) will also be the protagonist of an autobiographical documentary “Coração na Boca”, made by his wife Mónica Franco. In addition to Stanisic’s life, he will focus on the intricacies of haute cuisine in Portugal.

By the end of the year it will also have its premiere at OPTO “Esperança”, a comedy by Pedro Varela with César Mourão as the protagonist. The comedian and presenter will play “a charismatic octagonal widow who lives and” resists “” on a coveted second floor of a building in Lisbon’s Bairro do Castelo.

The prices

In Portugal, the price for the premium version is € 3.99 per month or € 39.99 per year. However, if you subscribe to the service by the end of this Tuesday, November 24th, you will be entitled to a discount: the price is only € 29.99 per year.

The annual price abroad is € 69.99, which means that SIC Notícias can also be broadcast live.

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