Opposition wants to force Scheuer to publish emails | Free press


Did Federal Minister of Transport Scheuer really submit all relevant emails to clarify the debacle surrounding the car toll? The Greens, FDP and the left have doubts. And now tighten the screws.

Berlin (dpa) – In dealing with the failed car toll, the opposition wants to sharpen its pace with Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU).

The Greens, FDP and the left want to call the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) to force Scheuer to be more transparent. That reported the «Spiegel». The German news agency received a draft letter to the BGH on Friday.

It is about the disclosure of business emails from the Scheuers membership account. The opposition has doubts that Scheuer sent any emails relevant to cleaning up the autotoll debacle. According to the report, the judges should order that the logs of the emails stored in the Minister’s Bundestag account be handed over.

“Minister Scheuer stubbornly refuses his own claim to maximum transparency, so I see no other option than to appeal to the Federal Court of Justice,” said green politician Oliver Krischer in the magazine.

Left-wing politician Jörg Cezanne told the DPA: “Since the communication presented so far by Minister Scheuer’s Member of Parliament seems incomplete, the submission of log files is essential. Care will be taken to ensure that the committee only receives data via business emails. The protection of telecommunications secrecy and the rights of parliamentarians must be strictly observed. “

The Bundestag’s commission for tolls had appointed the lawyer and former member of the Green Bundestag Jerzy Montag to conduct the investigation. He is believed to be searching Scheuer’s business emails that have been processed through his email inboxes as a member of the Bundestag and which may contain information about the preparation and implementation of the car toll.

The committee chairman Udo Schiefner (SPD) had emphasized that the investigating officer could not force anything. Scheuer still had to decide which emails were relevant and presented.

The German model for a car toll failed in the summer of 2019 before the European Court of Justice. The opposition accuses Scheuer of having concluded contracts before there was legal certainty. The planned operators are claiming damages of 560 million euros after the federal government terminated contracts immediately after the ruling.