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Opponents of corona measures and vaccinations have fierce arguments with the police. Twelve officers are injured. President Nikos Anastasiades speaks of a “blow to democracy”.

Nicosia (AP) – A demonstration against corona measures and vaccinations in Cyprus escalated on Sunday evening. An angry mob broke into the premises of the Cypriot television channel Sigma and destroyed the furniture.

Cars belonging to station employees were set on fire in front of the media house, stones and incendiary bombs were thrown into the air, at least 12 police officers were injured, two of them seriously, Cypriot media reported Monday. There had been five arrests by morning. Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades called it a “blow to democracy”.

The attack on the station took place in the evening while the news was broadcast live. “It is burning outside and people have broken into the building. If the police hear us, please do something!” said the visibly shocked and frightened moderator.

About 2,000 protesters first marched in front of the presidential palace in Nicosia that afternoon, demanding the president’s resignation. In the late evening they arrived in front of the media house. According to media reports, the protesters are a mixture of religious fanatics and vaccine opponents, as well as rioters from the left and right extremist scene.

You criticize the Corona measures and the partial vaccination requirement, which now applies in Cyprus. For example, employees in the care and health sector must be vaccinated, otherwise they will leave work without a salary. For visits to the catering industry, but also for visits to the government, a vaccination certificate or a rapid test must be submitted. Citizens have to pay for the test themselves.

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