Opinion: “Passadeira Vermelha” is Nuno Rogeiro from the pink world


Opinion: “Passadeira Vermelha” is Nuno Rogeiro from the pink world

The humorist and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the SIC program presented by Liliana Campos.

The program is broadcast on SIC Caras.

In the past, someone who got together to talk about other people’s lives would usually stand at the door of a building with a bucket and mop in hand. Nowadays they are in a television studio and this is known as pink chat. We all won because we kept up to date with the latest Sara Sampaio story without having to smell Lixivia Domestos and our gatekeeper disapproving gaze for stepping onto the plane that was just being cleaned.

The highlight of this type of forum is the “Passadeira Vermelha” program, which is broadcast daily on SIC Caras. With more than a thousand issues, the format is a success when it comes to dismantling the enchanted world of the socialists, in which there are kings, princesses and dragons – in the latter case, when a magazine has a photo of the Duchess of Alba on the website published homepage.

In order to carry out this thorough analysis of the main topics of the jet set, the program has a large team of commentators with a wide variety of backgrounds, including of course the eternal presenter Liliana Campos. Liliana is a nonsense of elegance, she is more than perfect in the role of the presenter and makes us feel like we are in our living room if our living room were a shop nearby.

She is accompanied by a very heterogeneous group that includes names like Raquel Prates, Nuno Azinheira, Zé Lopes, Joana Latino, Filipa Torrinha Nunes, Mónica Sintra, Mariama Barbosa and Hugo Mendes. In other words, it gives me an idea that the selection criteria for commenting on the “red carpet” are as strict as the criteria for hiring advertising brochure vendors.

“Do you have two eyes and a mouth? Is it available from ten o’clock at night? Would you like to express your opinion on a tiger dress with the same complexity that Nuno Rogeiro speaks about the Israeli-Arab crisis? “Bora, you’re hired. Just don’t ask to touch the air conditioner, which our technician is still suffering from post-traumatic stress since he caught the wrath of Cláudio Ramos. “

I like the dynamism of the commentators because on the one hand we have Mariama and Joana who say everything that comes to mind and are happy to teach the target and look directly into the camera about what’s delicious.

I can imagine Camilla Parker Bowles crying under the covers every time Mariama says she ruined Prince Carlos’ marriage to Lady Di. On the other hand, we have a more thoughtful approach with the interventions of Nuno Azinheira and psychologist Filipa Torrinha Nunes, who looks beautiful as an Italian actress from the 60s, but then looks like a 60-year-old librarian who speaks.

In all programs there are at least four topics that are discussed without exception: the appearance of the famous; the separation of couples; License fees; and the controversial statements that are almost always “bombastic” and / or “that you don’t want to lose”.

Another strange feature is that for this pink medium, everything is bombastic and controversial, even when it really isn’t. For example, Rita Pereira arrives at a pastry shop and asks for a full coffee in a cold cup. Magazine title: “Rita Pereira does it for less! Meet the actress’ extravagant demands and controversial diet! “Maybe this is a bombshell statement, but here it is: stop it, it’s ridiculous and, apart from Camilla Parker Bowles, nobody believes this bullshit.