Online Games For Fun

Space Rush

In Space Rush and 22Bet, you will be able to race for your life in a thrilling and pulse-pounding action game.

In this action-packed game, you will have to save the passengers of a space station from various hazards. You’ll have to use your skills to evade enemies and killer robots to break free from the broken-down vehicles and retrieve the people aboard.

Space Rush was also inspired by the popular social deduction game Among Us.

In this mission, you will have to help the astronauts get to safety as they go through various obstacles. You can also collect coins to upgrade their equipment and get cool hats.


In Impostor, you are the only person who can understand what is happening in the laboratory.

In this first-person survival game, which is inspired by the mobile game Among Us, you aim to create as much chaos as possible by attacking your coworkers, sabotaging various equipment, and sneaking through the vents. You must act fast to stop the other players from fixing everything.

Deal or No Deal

If you want to earn a lot of virtual money, you must decide whether to go broke or make a great deal. This is an online version of the game show Deal or No Deal, and it’s exciting.

The American version of Deal or No Deal, which premiered in 2005, was hosted by Howie Mandel. It has since become a popular program on both CNBC and NBC. In this new episode, you can try your hand at choosing a briefcase that holds a million dollars.

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Although this game is virtual money, you will still experience the same excitement as the real Deal or No Deal contestants. You can win much cash or get stuck with a low-value deal.

Happy Wheels

In Happy Wheels, you can team up with other daring racers, stuntmen, and thrill-seekers worldwide. They’ll be racing through some of the most dangerous tracks in the world.

They won’t be happy when they have to get around obstacles such as huge gaps and crates, as well as deadly assassins and massive fists. You can reach the finish line in this challenging platform game if you complete the various levels.

You can create your own levels in Happy Wheels if you try the full version. Besides to challenging the other players, you can also share your ideas for new and frightening tracks.

Apple Shooter

In this challenging and addicting game, you will have to use your bow and arrow to shoot the apples.

This game is blood-stirring and should not be played at home. You will need to focus and aim to avoid getting injured.

Before you start, take into account the amount of power you need to use and the direction in which the wind is blowing. You’ll need to develop skills that are like those used by Robin Hood to complete the final stage.

Fruit Slice

You can start by cutting your way through the fruit slice. Then, sharpen your knife and prepare to chop until you fall.

This challenging and fun fruit game will keep you busy even if you slice it. You can pick up various fruits such as bananas, apples, cucumbers, and melon wedges and use them in a smoothie as they fall into the blender. There are also some obstacles that you have to overcome.

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Each level has a limit of fruits that you can slice, and you have to choose to get the most out of them. The fewer coins you use, the more you can earn by trading them for other fruits.