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One player built the gigantic tower of Sauron

Valheim was released a few weeks ago and is already very successful with the players. They had fun creating impressive constructions in the game. In this open-world survival sandbox opus we play a viking who fell in battle in Valheim. The latter must prove to be of value to the gods who watch him in a universe with particularly hostile fauna. Among all the constructions, one is distinguished by its size: it is a reproduction of Barad-DUR, the Tower of Sauron.

the impressive rynborg building

We owe this artwork to creator Rynborg who made the tower available on NexusMods. The latter would be built of stone, as would a significant number of torches. Even the iconic Eye of Sauron could be reproduced! What to mix two exciting universes at the same time? Two other mods were used for construction: Forever Build and Advanced Building.

What do you think of this construction? Will you try to build it Let us know in the comments!


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