One of the manga’s great secrets finally finds its explanation


My Hero Academia season 4 ended with an incredible cliffhanger. But the Kōhei Horikoshi paperwork is much more advanced and some fans can’t help but wait for the animated version when Season 5 was recently announced. Among the millions of fans of the series, some wondered why Japan, the country of origin of our favorite heroes, didn’t get help from abroad. But we finally have the answer!

The decline of the heroes

UA University exists to create the heroes of tomorrow. It is a nice glimmer of hope for the people of Japan as the students are numerous and motivated. But that was without counting the fall of the number one hero, All Might. With a devastating and confident smile, this superhero calmed hearts and allowed civilians to live in complete serenity. To have lost such an icon of justice is difficult, but some rejoice.

The bad guys are always more numerous, but also always stronger. The company was recently murdered by Shigaraki Tomura’s team. This powerful man can dissolve everything he touches so we can tell you that it is no small matter. But then a question arises. Why not ask for outside help?

The papers, what a chore!

In chapter 303 of the manga, a discussion led by Hawks and Endeavor finally reveals the truth to us. Indeed, several inquiries have been made to the government. Whether helpers or heroes around the world, no help is given. After announcing such nightmarish news, the two men explain the reason … and it’s pretty simple. Indeed, it would all be a paperwork problem. Since the security commission was closed, no way to call for reinforcements was found.

We won’t see it anytime soon. However, some see this as the only way to save the heroes’ place in Japanese society. The arrival of new villains seems like a scary and undesirable idea, as the greatest heroes like Endaevor and Hawks can fight best while they are still very badly wounded. Students and younger recruits are also not in good shape. In fact, Izuku Midoriya and his teacher Aizawa are still in intensive care. A new question therefore arises. What is the mangaka planning to do to fix this problem?