One of the last great Ubisoft free games this weekend


Gamers, whether on PC, PlayStation or Xbox consoles or even on Nintendo’s side, can regularly get their hands on free games. A great way to fill your game library quickly with no expenses. However, these freebies are sometimes only temporary. A great way to test out a game before, say, buying it. This weekend Ubisoft is giving away one of its newest big games for free. So take your game with you.

Guard dogs: free legion for a few days

This time around there is no Assassin’s Creed or Rainbow Six on the menu, but another saga popular with gamers: Watch Dogs. From March 25-29, Watch Dogs: Legion is completely free for owners of a PC, Xbox series, PS5, PS4 or Xbox One. A subpoena will be available this Wednesday March 24th for players to use to prepare in advance. The game will be accessible as a whole, namely in both single-player and multiplayer, freshly landed. The opportunity for Ubisoft to bring the latter forward.

And if you like the game and want to resume your game after the deadline, you can transfer your saved game over there. So your progress will not be lost and you can pick up your game where you left off. A stroke of luck for those interested. And to encourage you to take the plunge, Ubisoft is selling the different versions of its title during this time. How to find Watch Dogs: Legion on:

Xbox: – 50% discount on Standard and Ultimate Editions (March 23rd to April 15th) PlayStation: – 50% discount on Standard and Ultimate Editions, -25% discount on Season Pass (March 24th to 31st ) Ubisoft Store: – 50% discount on Standard, Gold, Ultimate Editions, -25% discount on the Season Pass (March 18 to April 9) Epic Games Store: -50% discount on Standard, Gold and Editions Ultimate, -25% discount on the Season Pass (from March 25th to April 8th) Google Stadia: -50% discount on the Standard, Gold and Ultimate Editions, -25% discount on the Season Pass (from 25 . until March 29)

For PC gamers, it will likely be necessary to head in the direction of Ubisoft Connect, the French publisher’s platform, to find Watch Dogs: Legion. For others, the various blinds connected to your console tell you what to do.

Guard dogs: Legion, what is it?

In Watch Dogs: Legion, players make their way to London. The British capital has been plagued by terrorist attacks. Dalton Wolf, a former spy who became a member of Dedsec, tries to defuse a bomb in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament. Problem: He notices that other bombs have been sent to strategic locations in the city. Other members of Dedsec shake hands, including Sabine Brandt, one of the main characters in this opus, but are attacked by men in black. Wolf dies, the bombs go off, forcing the government to resign. Nigel Cass, the leader of the paramilitary group Albion, takes power and accuses Dedsec of being the origin of these attacks. Sabine intends to restore her name and that of her comrades by looking for new allies.

With these allies, it is up to the player to embody them. The specialty of Watch Dogs: Legion is that the player does not play a certain main character. And for good reason, he can just pick a character from the crowd before playing it. But be careful, some will be docile, others will be more difficult to convince. Characters who benefit from specialties such as hand-to-hand combat or hacking. It’s up to you to build the team that looks like you and that suits you best. You will need a variety of talents to carry out the various missions that are entrusted to you.