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One-legged Josh Sundquist is back in his new costume

Josh Sundquist is back for Halloween to give us the craziest one-legged costume. Remember the story of this speaker and former Paralympic athlete who suffered from bone cancer when he was nine. If he could overcome the disease, the struggle would cost him an amputation of his left leg. A handicap that he would like to use in social networks, where he treats us with his best creations every year as Halloween approaches. Today we invite you to discover his costume for the 2020 season. To learn more about Josh Sundquist, visit his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube accounts and website.

His old disguises

Monsieur Pain d’Épices (2010)

The Lamp (2012)

The Flamingo (2013)

The Baby Foot Player (2014)

The Restaurant Panel (2015)

Light (2016)

Tigger (2017)

The Genius (2018)

Pixar’s Lamp (2019)




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