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Omari Hardwick is talking about how much money he really made on the TV show Power. In the show, he played James St. Patrick, a drug dealer who was trying to get out of that life. He wanted to be a businessman, but his story ended tragically when he was shot and killed in the last season of the show. Some people might think that Omari Hardwick’s salary for Power was huge since he was the lead. But he says he didn’t make a lot of money until “after Power.”

Omari Hardwick from the TV show “Power” poses for a picture on the red carpet at a show-related event. He is wearing a black graphic T-shirt and a sparkly vest. Fans have wondered how much Omari Hardwick gets paid for his role as the main character on the show “Power.”
The ‘Power’ salary of Omari Hardwick was revealed on the Pivot podcast. Hardwick was asked when he became financially successful. “I still haven’t made what I should have,” he said at the 49:00 mark, shocking the hosts, who were former NFL players Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor. “I haven’t gotten the money yet. I have never done what I should have. Never. It’s finally going to happen.”

What is Omari Hardwick Power Salary?

He asked the hosts how much they thought he made on Power, and they kept saying they didn’t believe anything he said. “Angela Bassett makes $250,000 on 911,” Clark replied. “She makes the most per week. So, you had to earn at least [$150,000].”

“Then you didn’t get it wrong,” Hardwick said. “It’s the first time I’ve told anyone. But I was also the network’s public face. Angela is not the network’s public face. She is one of the best actresses in the world, but that network doesn’t use her as its main face. It’s numbers.”

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“What do you, Fred, and Channing do when we go to renegotiate our contracts as athletes? “You coach this, this, this, and this,” he went on, comparing it to what he did with Power.

He went on, “… and I’m a football cat.” “Ryan, the numbers are in. Know why I enjoy sports? Because Xs and Os are important in sports. There are no goals. Either you play or you sit on the bench. So, that activists and poets are also full of grace and mercy. To be like Starz, I’m still very humble. 50 Cent and Courtney Kemp, who created the show, I’ll thank you forever, but everyone knows that he really didn’t make any money.

Even though he wasn’t making as much money as he wanted, he knows that life is a marathon, not a sprint. He learned this from the late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Hardwick continued, “It really is a marathon, Fred.” “It’s a marathon, for sure. I think a big part of my advantage comes from the way I think about it. Like, “Sh*t, I hate that it’s a marathon.” I wish I’d gotten the quick pay.” But he knows that “everything moves at a different pace.”

He said that he’s just now getting the money he thinks he deserves. Since Power ended two years ago, Hardwick has been in a number of well-known Netflix shows, such as Army of the Dead and Pieces of Her.

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