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Omar Sy’s series is about to dethrone two flagship Netflix series

This is the phenomenon of the moment on Netflix, we’re talking about the Lupine series of course: In the shadow of Arsene with Omar Sy who is performing well on the streaming platform. In fact, the main actor, who embodies a modern version of Maurice Leblanc’s hero, was delighted with the success of Louis Letellier’s series around the world on Twitter last week. It is clear that Lupine did not finish its evolution.

In any case, this is what the Netflix projections on D + 28 suggest. Our colleagues from 20 Minuten had exclusive access to the calculation methods of the American giant, which predicts the display of the contents of its catalog.

Stronger than The Lady’s Game and Bridergton?

Netflix, therefore, predicts that the Lupine series would be seen by 70 million households around the world 28 days after the program was delivered. An international record for a French mini-series! As the daily recalls, this is an incredible achievement with these forecasts, as two series of the platform were below these forecasts in the same period. By comparison, The Lady’s Game had 62 million views and the Shonda Rhimes-produced Bridgerton 63 million.

Let’s be relativistic anyway, as the calculation methods are a bit biased for the Netflix audience. As a reminder, the streaming giant counts all Netflix accounts that have watched at least two minutes of a program. With this approach, the first season of The Witcher currently occupies first place on the podium with 76 million views.

Even so, Lupine is a real success. The series has climbed to the top 10 of the podium in several countries such as the USA, Germany, Argentina, the Netherlands, Spain … and the public is impatiently waiting for the second part of the season which has already been shot and is currently being edited must be, as announced by director Louis Letellier.


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