Omar Sy responds to the Netflix series box and the sequel is revealed

Lupine: In the shadow of Arsene with Omar Sy who plays Assane Diop in this modern version of Arsène Lupine is a real hit. Indeed, the series achieves great performances all over the world and its leading actor has not hidden his pleasure.

A French series that hits the mark worldwide

Indeed, the series produced by Louis Leterrier is a hit on the streaming platform after a first weekend of broadcasting. Lupine also achieves a great achievement for a French series, as it is the first time a program made in France has captured so many viewers around the world.

This makes the Lupine series the number 1 most watched Netflix program in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Morocco, the Netherlands and the USA. It ranks second in Brazil and third in Canada and Turkey.

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Soon part 2 and a possible season 2?

Given the success of the series, the question is when will we have the right to discover the rest of this gentleman burglar’s adventures? In fact, Lupine is split into two parts, the first consisting of 5 episodes ends in a somewhat brutal way. Hence, the public inevitably waits to see how the conspiracy continues. And the good news is that we certainly won’t have to wait long!

As Louis Leterrier told our colleagues at Allociné, the second part of the first season, which will also have 5 episodes, has already been shot:

It has already been shot by two directors who will be announced shortly. I’m waiting like you now. I’ve returned my copy and can’t wait to see what my two successors have done.

The recording is therefore complete and the images are currently in the editing rooms. The director, who took care of the filming of three of the first five episodes, makes us salivate:

I’ve seen the rushes before, of course … and if you liked the first part, you’ll find the second part amazing.

So we should see the end of season one of Lupine on Netflix by summer. But what about a possible season 2? Leterrier is ready to make a new one, but as he states it’s not him who makes the decision. Everything will depend on the opinion of the public. An opinion from Omar Sy who hopes “that there won’t be just one season”:

Now that I’ve done 10 episodes with Lupine, I really want to find him. I hope there will be more, in any case I am ready.

With the critics, audience, and director and lead cast leaving for a second season, there’s little chance Netflix won’t sign for a sequel to Lupine’s Adventures!

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