Old Steve Rogers doesn’t exist according to this crazy theory


Avengers: Endgame will have given us a terribly moving finale. As a reminder, the film tells the story of our favorite Marvel heroes on a crazy quest through time in search of the Infinity Stones before they are found again by a Chafouin Thanos for destroying the stones and his glove, his Cows lost his field and his head. But at the end of the film we see a very old Captain America happy to have stayed in the past to live his best second life and gives Sam Wilson his shield. What if it wasn’t really him? That’s what this crazy theory is trying to prove to us.

Captain America is already out of this world

It is thanks to the good Steve Rogers that we are entitled to the excellent series Falcon and the Winter Soldier. And that’s not nothing! The fact that he chose to retire and live a peaceful and tender second life after putting the stones in their place poses a problem with consistency with spacetime. A sensitive issue that very often undermines the consensual lifting of spectators’ disbelief. For many this is just impossible, and the old Captain America from Avengers: Endgame is just … a fake.

According to this theory, it is impossible that Steve Rogers could have had a second life. This would cast doubts on the entire timeline installed in the movie. Why did you bring the stones back then? The presence of the captain is necessary to continue his own conspiracy. Later, the Secret Invasion series commercial introduces the Skrulls to viewers. An ancient, very intelligent and powerful alien race capable of metamorphosis. Old Steve Rogers could be one who teases a lot for the future of the MCU. Especially since his shield had been cut into pieces by Thanos, there was no way the one he entrusted to Sam was the real one.

Multiverses at the center of the problem

Far be it from us to explain the theories of the multiverse. But in Endgame our characters haven’t gone back in time. You’ve been in different iterations in the past to recover the stones and create new timelines after they disappear. By choosing to stay in the past, Steve Rogers created a new timeline. It is impossible for him to return to the original without outside help. This inconsistency has sparked a lot of criticism and debate in the MCU fan base.

But one explanation seems more plausible than the other. The Skrulls were introduced to the MCU in Captain Marvel. But instead of being a threat, they have proven to be powerful allies who take the form of Nick Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, they are not safe either. The Skrulls are presented in Secret Invasion as shapeshifters who gradually replace superheroes in order to conquer the earth. Annoying.

Who would have helped the old cloak?

So far, the MCU has not yet presented the Skrulls as a threat. So it is very likely that a Skrull like Nick Fury impersonated Steve Rogers. That help could have come directly from the latter, as he believed that one way or another Wilson had to legitimately obtain Cap’s shield, either from Captain Marvel, her natural ally, or anyone who knows her existence. That’s all plan A.

The other plan is darker and would link Secret Invasion to Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Because at the end of the series we see that De Fontaine strongly supports John Walker. Possibly to create the Dark Avengers. Giving Sam the shield would be a step towards sowing discord and creating a form of countervailing power by legitimizing John Walker. Allows warlike Skrulls to have powerful allies among the heroes of the MCU.

Chris Evans rumors

If Spider-Man: No Way Home taught us anything, it was that some rumors should not be treated with caution. In January 2021, a rumor was circulating that actor Chris Evans might return to the MCU as Captain America. Two months later, Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studio) refuted this, believing it was a mistake. But in 10 years of MCU, fans have learned to be careful with his words.

If Chris Evans returned to the MCU it would definitely be in the upcoming Secret Invasion series. As the revealer of the Skrull plot. It would be a logical way to reveal the true identity of old Captain America and to connect the Marvel universes more together. However, if this theory is solid we will have to wait and see how the workings of the multiverse are explained in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Mulviverse of Madness.

Warning: This theory is the construction of fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and does not reflect the opinion of the Hitek editorial team. We’re telling you because it reminds us of the profound impact of Avengers: Endgame, which even two years after its release continues to amaze some fans of this universe.