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of visitors swallowed by a full-size Gozdilla in an amusement park

In October 2019, Japan hinted at a new attraction: a life-size Godzilla that visitors zipline through. The recently opened attraction greeted its first few visitors in the rain, and gave the lucky ones a chance to taste them before expressing their feelings. This 120 meter long attraction is shown in videos that you can discover directly below.

a crossing of the monster’s mouth

This attraction is more than just a giant head of Godzilla that is a hundred feet long. It offers a journey through the mouth of one of the most famous creatures in pop culture. In addition, you can do various activities at the foot of the head. One of them will ask you to shoot down laser weapons to earn points, another will tell you about the different appearances of Godzilla over the years.

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Lovers of characters will also be happy to find their own room, which will house a group of kaijus. Godzilla, Mothra, Ghidorah, Kaijus, all of which can be found in detail at the foot of this huge head, while other visitors cross it thanks to a zip line. A sound and light show that should delight lovers of the protector of the earth.

To enjoy it, you have to go to Awaji Island to reach Nijigen no More amusement park. An island a little over 5 hours from Tokyo by train. A duration divided by two if you are departing from Kyoto. Don’t hesitate to visit Honshu Island before making a stopover there. But with the upturn in Covid-19 cases, it’s probably wiser to wait a bit.


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