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Obama’s Birthday Plans Raise Questions About Corona | free press

Does the ex-president’s planned 60th birthday party with many guests send the wrong signal? The White House press secretary should answer this question — she’s referring to Obama’s office.

Washington (AP) – Reports of former President Barack Obama’s planned birthday party with allegedly hundreds of invitees are causing a stir amid rising US coronavirus numbers. “According to all public reports, this event is taking place outdoors,” said Jen Psaki, a White House spokeswoman.

She responded to a reporter’s question whether Obama wouldn’t send the wrong signal with a big party during these times. Psaki gave no further details about the celebration and referred to Obama’s office. She emphasized that the former president is a strong supporter of vaccination.

Several US media outlets had previously reported that Obama would be hosting a huge party on the fashionable Atlantic island of Martha’s Vineyard this weekend to mark his 60th birthday. The news page ‘Axios’ stated that guests had to be vaccinated and show corona tests.

“Axios” also wrote, citing an unnamed source close to the Obamas, that hundreds of people were expected. The former president’s office did not respond to a request to do so about the celebration. Obama turns 60 this Wednesday.


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