“O Slaughterhouse”: The Scariest Experience of the Year is back this week

“O Slaughterhouse”: The Scariest Experience of the Year is back this week

It’s a haunting piece set in an old slaughterhouse. Thousands of people have already bought tickets.

It starts again on May 7th.

It is one of the events in the culture and entertainment sector in Portugal that delayed the pandemic. “O Matadouro” is a haunting play organized by the Society of the Teatro Reflexo. The first haunted house of this group was born in 2015 in a mansion in Belas in the parish of Sintra. From then on, a few months followed in Lisbon in an old palace on Calçada do Combro.

With all the sessions sold out, this project was a real success. The new experience was supposed to debut in April last year but had to be postponed to September. At that time it was possible to hold sessions for about two to three weeks, but the new measures forced the show to be postponed again.

“O Slaughterhouse” is back now this Friday May 7th. However, the schedules are different. The half-hour sessions start at 7 p.m. as the room has to be closed at 10.30 p.m. Each takes about an hour.

Everything happens in an old (and real) slaughterhouse on the outskirts of Leiria – more precisely in number 15 of Rua Nossa Senhora de Fátima instead of Zambujo. This is the story of Pinheiro, a patriarchal and religious family that is completely dysfunctional. You are the owner of the slaughterhouse.

The family’s meat pastries became famous. However, this success hides terrible stories. The father abuses the family, who traumatized also have their own disorders and demons – problems that visitors will encounter during this dark and terrifying journey.

The creator of this production and director of the Teatro Reflexo, Michel Simeão, explains to NiT that the play has a theatrical introduction of about 15 minutes and then some adjacent scenes. Then there is a component mainly of the immersive experience, in which visitors enter the different rooms individually and, with the help of an audio guide, experience sensations that promise to be terrifying. In between there is a kind of escape room.

The team ordered several “realistic” props from Los Angeles, USA, for the show – the idea was to keep the characteristic atmosphere of a slaughterhouse, but with a special scenic touch.

Inside it is necessary to wear a mask and keep your distance. All of the cast and staff are regularly tested on Covid-19. Last year they sold around 2,400 tickets, which means the vast majority haven’t been able to attend the show but will in the next few weeks. In the first month and a half, any missing meetings will be postponed. And then new dates are planned until the end of June. If the demand continues, the organization ensures more appointments.

The interactive game is recommended for people over 16 and tickets cost € 16. They can be booked through the email address reservas.casassombrada@nullgmail.com. Prospective buyers should provide details such as the name of the person responsible for the purchase, the number of tickets searched for, the contact details and the location. More information can be found on the project’s Facebook page.

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