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“O Amor Happens”: There are familiar faces among the four new couples on the TVI show

“O Amor Happens”: There are familiar faces among the four new couples on the TVI show

Joana Barroso, Diogo Airosa and Miguel Cruz are names that no longer sound strange to him. This Sunday, September 5th, they were presented again together with other new participants.

Let’s see if the second (or third) love happens.

At the end of the tenth week in a row with “O Amor Happening” on the air, Maria Cerqueira Gomes and Pedro Teixeira said goodbye again and welcomed eight new (and other not so new) competitors who will form the last four pairs over time Week.

Every Sunday is like this, but this one had several exceptions. Three of the new competitors are familiar faces among those who watch TVI programs.

Participant Joana Barroso, who has belonged to one of the couples since the first week, is back in the same house (in the country), but now with a different couple: Vítor Rodrigues. Diogo Airosa is also back to try another chance in love. This time, Patrícia Santos will be your new company this week.

Finally, in this universe of familiar faces, Miguel Cruz returns for the third time for a new experience in a new home: Serra. His new partner is Daniela Machado.

In addition to the big Sunday programs, there are episodes of “O Amor Happel” on TVI every day from 7.10 p.m. at the end of the afternoon. This way you can follow the evolution of each participant’s experience and understand whether the couples are relational or not and whether the matches of the neuropsychologist, Alexandre Machado, who NiT spoke to, worked or, on the contrary, went down the drain.

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Then click on the gallery to see the new competitors.


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