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“O Amor Happens”: The Toblerone couple couldn’t stand it for three days

“O Amor Happens”: The Toblerone couple couldn’t stand it for three days

The comedian and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest episode of the TVI show.

The first couple said goodbye this Sunday.

So, but have you just arrived and are you leaving? After less than a week together, the couples say goodbye to the experience in “O Amor Happen”, broadcast on TVI, to make room for others. Now that discussions have started and we have a hot sex scene at the age of seven, TVI turns the lights on.

In a way, I even get the idea of ​​the channel: the more couples get together, the more likely it will (within three days) be love. To be honest, after what we saw this Sunday in the case of Ide and Jorge, it really seems possible to find your soul mate faster than CMTV arrives at the scene of the accident.

And when 75-year-old Jorge gets away with a younger girl, there is hope for the rest of humanity. The problem is even the rest of the sample, which didn’t seem as effective in discovering love. Nevertheless, most of them did not deny the possibility of cultivating relationships in the future, that is, to make some appearances on “TV 7 Dias” in the summer. If you’ve watched the Italy v England final and it was late afternoon, here’s the round-up so you don’t miss a bit of the episode and what happened in each of the four venues over the past few days.

Casa do Campo – Miguel and Joana

The Toblerone couple didn’t even make it together for three days. Things started to get mad with a simple card game that Joana Miguel’s ironic side didn’t find amusing. The next day, despite the tension in the air, Miguel prepared breakfast, but started eating without Joana.

“I’ve already taken the edge off, just his voice…”, Joana says with a touch of Gisela from “Masterplan”, which I adore, and she continued: “In my home country, when someone talks to someone else, they keep it Flap. “”. After that discussion, Miguel realized that Joana was less likely to have a relationship than Vieira to become President of Benfica again and went to pack his paddleboard and pack his bags.

After Miguel left, Joana asked, “Can I bring a donkey into the house? I felt more chemistry with them … “I found it a bit strong, but on the other side, Miguel took a paddleboard in the middle of the field …

Mill – Claudia and Diogo

Diogo’s brother went to the mill to get to know Claudia and not only agreed with the couple, but also wanted to marry them. After a detailed request from his brother, Diogo tries to calm things down and remembers that he has only known Claudia for three days. Which in a way justifies the boy’s tongue flaw during the beer pong game they played.

Diogo changed the name to Claudia and called her Carla. “Who is Carla?” Asks Claudia, slightly annoyed. Diogo replies that he is nobody and justifies himself by saying that the names are similar. I believe because these are names that I keep getting confused. Fortunately, my wife doesn’t have either.

Casa da Praia – Catarina and Tiago

In the last few days Tiago was a bit sticky and Catarina no longer found it funny. The young engineer tried some movements during the night, such as putting his hand on his hip to anticipate the classic little clam, but was refused. In the meantime, a few friends came to visit Tiago and Cleo commented “sometimes I can’t stand it either”. Hence, the friends themselves do not have the patience to endure James and thought it best to inform Catarina immediately, good friends as they are.

Her cousin says she “likes men more … men”. Nothing beats the sincerity of close friends or family to destroy a relationship in the first place. But that’s not all, Catarina forgot her cell phone at home and what did Tiago remember? Read Catarina’s messages. When she asked him at the decision-making ceremony whether his mother had sent any messages, Tiago calmly replied, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it”.

It was the perfect crime – at least until Catarina saw the pictures at home, but by then Tiago would already be in Brazil – except that Maria Cerqueira Gomes kept the moment on and put her mouth on the trumpet. After learning that her privacy had been breached, Catarina calmly said to James, “I hope you know you will die tonight”. Hmm, I don’t know why, but I have a feeling this pair isn’t going to work.

Casa da Serra – Go and Jorge

“I realize that he cannot follow me sexually.” The comment is from Ide, who despite his 64 years is still there for the curves. Jorge, on the other hand, I didn’t get along very well, you are without a doubt a good dancer and in the country you are a champion, which leaves Ide “full of heat” but the couple did not seem to want to move up to the next level in their relationship .

Last night Ide did his best wearing a sexy combination “just to make his mouth water” and Jorge suffered from the “onacle of tantalum”. Nevertheless, he commented enthusiastically: “Today is today!” But in the end he groaned to himself as Ide tried to fall asleep next to him on the bed. Maybe Jorge doesn’t remember how to do it and thought that if he moaned a lot, maybe Ide would be delighted.

In any case, the couple stayed very close and at the decision-making ceremony Jorge got on his knees and asked for Ide with a bouquet of flowers in hand, in love with the sound of romantic music. Who cares whether Jorge manages to accompany Ide sexually or not? At 75 you can kneel and stand up unaided, and that in itself is an amazing achievement!


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