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“O Amor Happens”: the American model, the restless leg and other stories from Luís and Isabel

“O Amor Happens”: the American model, the restless leg and other stories from Luís and Isabel

The comedian and chronicler Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest episode of the TVI show.

Luis and Isabel didn’t have good chemistry.

This Sunday we had a draw for the first time in “O Amor Happen” on TVI as a result of the experience: two to two. Catarina and João got on well and his mother agreed; Jessica and Pedro got along very well and despite his first comment, when he saw her, “Look at a fool who can’t open the door,” the romance began and, according to them, “it was instant” like an al- Mousse.

Speaking of products with dubious nutritional value, Flora and Diogo did not go together, mainly because Flora was not satisfied with the partner who was right for her. “I’m not really into physical appearance, but I wanted someone with a darker, bigger skin tone … and then I got that bum.” Luckily, Flora doesn’t care much about looks because next time you can pair it with a well-done sirloin steak, which might work better.

Then there were Luís and Isabel, who if they had stayed locked in the same house for another 24 hours, I suspect they would have done the cover of Correio da Manhã for the worst of reasons. “It irritates me, I can’t explain it, but it makes me more complicated with the system in some things,” says Luís, explaining the fact that the relationship didn’t work.

Perhaps the biggest problem was the lack of chemistry, or rather, the lack of understanding of the concept of chemistry. Luís says he didn’t feel any chemistry, Isabel counters: “Fifty feel chemistry? Brad Pitt still ”. For Luís chemistry is a feeling, but for Isabel it is nothing like that. “I even felt chemistry in the subway!”

Look how lucky. The only chemistry I felt on the subway was the smell of armpits at rush hour, and I can confirm that it wasn’t a good feeling. But it wasn’t just the concept of chemistry that made them stand out, it was essentially living together in the same room.

Luís makes it clear that “he wanted to enjoy the house, the sound of the birds, but she always talks, talks, talks”. Isabel, on the other hand, says that she would have liked to have slept well, but complains about “Luís fights all night, he seems to be fighting against sleep”. The construction company justifies itself: “I hate the bed. I sleep two or three hours a night. The doctor says it’s restless legs syndrome ”.

Isabel snaps: “I don’t know which leg is because it is both!” Luís doesn’t stay and replies mischievously: “Look, I’m glad it’s just the two …” Well, if it were more than two, Isabel might finally feel some chemistry. So the only thing he felt was insomnia.

At the meeting, however, Luís’ brother appeared who commented: “Isabel is a very nice woman, but she is not the type of woman for my brother”. Pedro Teixeira asks curiously “And what is the woman type for your brother?” Isabel takes up the hint and interrupts him: “I know what it is, he showed me on video!”

Luís was a little embarrassed and made it clear: “She is an American model who has a crush on me.” In disbelief, Maria and Pedro repeat what they have just heard: “Is there an American model who has a punch for you?” Luís explains, “It’s a complicated situation … it’s one of those obsessions.”

Love didn’t happen to this couple.

Pedro Teixeira tries to find out the model’s identity, but Luís withdraws: “Hey man, I won’t say your name because she is very well known” and shortly afterwards explains that he met her on Instagram. “They immediately ask for pictures without clothes and that I would like to have a child with me and everything. And I said I’m out because that’s already gotten to something I’m worried about. If you don’t marry me, you don’t marry anyone, ”says Luís as the moderators try to laugh.

I can already imagine the first message that the sex bot, sorry, the American model, sent to Luís on Instagram: “I need a man who can come to bed with me tonight, is that you?” “She” doesn’t know that Luís has Restless Legs Syndrome and if there is one thing he hates, it is the bed.

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