“O Amor Happens”: I just hope that José and Raquel will go to a well soundproofed hotel


“O Amor Happens”: I just hope that José and Raquel will go to a well soundproofed hotel

Comedian and columnist Miguel Lambertini analyzes the latest episode of the reality show.

This Sunday we had couple poker on the TVI show “O Amor Happel” (see the new participants here). After a week of living together, all participants found a better half – and a few other body parts. This was the case with José, who hadn’t seen his hairless chest in years until Raquel thought of giving it a new look with a waxing session with wax bands. Apparently the torture was working, and although he had moaned and squeaked loudly, José actually liked it.

Unlike the others, this couple stayed in the house for two weeks, I didn’t understand why. Probably because the guerrilla tactics had no effect in the first week and the staging gave Raquel another chance to get her prisoner to confess. José confessed that he needs to ease some tension, so if he leaves the program, he will go straight to a hotel with Raquel. I just hope it’s a well soundproofed hotel unless the neighbors in the next room are still complaining about the moans on Tripadvisor … Nothing beats a good night waxing to relieve the tension.

Lorena and Flávio also assume that they have found love, although they are not yet as “caliente” as the other couples. Lorena is Venezuelan, Flávio has Venezuelan roots but knows nothing about her origins, so Lorena taught him some typical dishes of the country. I don’t know if the girl won it through her stomach, but the couple will give love a chance.

Isabel, 64, and Vítor, 72, are the most seasoned couple on this episode and that didn’t let them waste time embracing the relationship. Casa de Campo was the perfect setting for Vítor to make a nice request: “Do you want to go out with me?” Isabel said “yes” and was so excited that day that she didn’t fall asleep until two in the morning.

Although he lives in Porto and she in Lisbon, Vítor says: “Distance doesn’t matter”. But Isabel disagrees and fears that this could make the relationship a little more difficult. Nevertheless, it is on the right track: “We have already taken the first step, namely to change the telephone numbers,” says the trainer.

Okay, it seems to be going pretty well, now it’s all about setting up a cinema, Vitor puts his hand over Isabel’s shoulder when there’s an exciting scene and that’s it. “We’re friends, we haven’t done it yet, but we’re headed for it,” says Isabel. That’s right, now that you’ve swapped your cell phone numbers, a whole world of sexting lies ahead of you. Strength!

In the Casa de Praia, Ana Catarina and David found love in competition. The couple faced several challenges and in the end David won 8 to 7. In order to get revenge, Ana Catarina hid David’s watch. A very gentle attitude for those struggling to lose. If it were me, I’d shave David’s hair with Raquel’s wax ribbons. Now that’s bad to lose.

By the way, anyone who doesn’t find it so fun to lose is Ana Catarina’s father. You confessed that for the first few days of promoting your daughter you thought of “putting a shotgun on the door of the house,” but he adds, disappointed, “the first time we missed the shot we gave up to have”.

I understand Ana Catarina’s father perfectly because I was recently the father of a girl and have also started taking shooting lessons. I can even imagine the conversation I’ll have when she shows up at my house with her first boyfriend: “So you are my daughter’s boyfriend? Okay, sit down, let’s have a whiskey and have a man-to-man conversation! “And then he replies,” But I’m only 4 years old … “I’m joking, of course. The most important thing is that you join us is satisfied with anyone she chooses, as long as she is not, of course, a candidate on a reality show.