Nuno Markl and Diogo Piçarra disgusted by the bullying case in Seixal


Nuno Markl and Diogo Piçarra disgusted by the bullying case in Seixal

The episode, which ended with a 12-year-old young man being run over, sparked debate between different sectors of Portuguese society.

The short video that ends with a 12-year-old being run over after being followed by a group of peers is the hot topic of the day. This Thursday, May 27th, two well-known voices, more related to culture, joined the national discussion.

“I think this country has never been hated so much,” notes Nuno Markl in an Instagram post commenting on the case of bullying, which made the country aware of a common situation in all schools, the one in this case however, the newspapers were skipped because it was recorded. And also because it could have ended tragically. Fortunately, the young man survived with minor injuries.

“Of course, as adults, we can always shake the water out of our coats and say, ‘Really children of this age are cruel and stupid.’ But children are the children of adults, and it is adults who are increasingly using newspaper sites and social networks to attack others in what appears to be a growing amount of hatred and various intolerances – homophobic, racist, ideological. Some just clubbing but hate, ”he added.

Singer Diogo Piçarra was also irritated by the situation, especially after seeing the public statements made by the main aggressor’s mother who claimed it was not bullying.

“You are right. Your daughter did not bullied, it was an attempted murder,” wrote the artist on social media.

Markl goes on in the analysis. “We were never worthy of the nickname ‘Land of Mild Manners’. That’s an old, musty fallacy that just means that we were, at least until the internet hit, a land of pent-up visceral hatred that would burst somewhere (and occasionally in the form of ‘traditions’ like domestic violence) ”.

Meanwhile, the case is being followed up by the State Security Police and all of the youths appearing in the video involved in the incident have already been identified. The recorded images, which are a little over a minute long, show a young woman beating the boy, who is later run over to escape the group that is tormenting him. Due to an editorial decision, NiT will not publish the images in this video.