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Numerous protests in Germany against the corona policy | Free press

Stuttgart / Dresden (dpa) – Over the weekend in Germany – in some cases despite bans – thousands of people again demonstrated against the Corona policy. In Stuttgart and Dresden, police enforced the ban on protests by the “silk cherry” movement by large numbers.

According to police, more than 700 people who passed through the capital, Baden-Württemberg on Saturday, have been arrested and identified. They were therefore reported and expelled. In addition, there have been over 1,000 mask requirement violations. Two police officers were injured.

In all, about 1,000 Corona opponents and about 400 counter-protesters were in the city. The Secretary of the Interior, Thomas Strobl (CDU), was sharply critical that evening. “It is irritating and disconcerting when, at a time when we need to watch each other with mutual consent and the utmost caution, we need again hundreds of police officers to keep an eye on the basic forms of distance and decency.” Looking at the police, he said: “Stuttgart sent several photos today. That is good for Stuttgart, but above all for people’s health. ‘

Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (SPD) had previously called on the police in the newspapers of the Funke media group that mass rule violations or even criminal acts “must be a clear red line and act consistently”. As a last resort, demonstrations should be stopped.

Also in Dresden, officials repeatedly checked smaller groups during the day to enforce a ban on two demonstrations against the corona policy. In some cases they were dismissed. In the evening hundreds of people protested illegally in the city center. Two men have been arrested and the police are also investigating the other participants. Police say a 57-year-old hit a journalist with a backpack during the protest. He is under investigation for dangerous bodily harm. More than 2000 police officers were employed.

Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) had previously sharply criticized the behavior of the AfD and some of the population in the Free State during the Corona crisis. Speaking at the CDU’s state party conference on Saturday, he accused the AfD, ‘lateral thinkers’ and other ‘conspirators’ of keeping those responsible from their work, annoying people and the clear direction needed in fighting the pandemic , to break through.

In Berlin, police arrested 69 people on Saturday for violations during a demonstration of about 500 opponents. Police said other protesters were trying to free. The officers would have had to force themselves physically. According to the information, a wheelchair user did not want to wear a mask or be pushed away and moved. The police arrested him and carried the wheelchair and driver away. Nearly 900 police officers were on duty. 24 preliminary investigations were initiated.

In many other cities, officials were occupied by similar protests this weekend, such as Wiesbaden or Kempten in Bavaria. In Thuringia there were also several police operations for “silks”. People in Mainz were on so-called walks against Corona measures. According to the police, personal data has been recorded in 108 cases and 55 investigations into violations have been started. In Parchim in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, three people were arrested during a demonstration for allegedly throwing bottles at police officers.


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