Number of migrants in the English Channel higher than all of the previous year | free press

Again and again, migrants from France make the dangerous crossing to Great Britain. A daily record was only set on Monday.

London (AP) – The number of people illegally crossing the English Channel in small boats from the continent to England is already higher than in the whole of last year. This is according to figures from the British Home Office.

According to this data, at least 8,452 migrants had reached the English coast on Tuesday. In all of 2020, 8,417 people were counted who had taken the dangerous route across the strait.

A daily record was only set on Monday. At least 430 people crossed the English Channel in one day. About 50 people arrived in a single dinghy, the BBC reported.

In view of the escalation, Paris and London agreed to step up the fight against illegal migration, according to French sources, as the government announced in Paris on Tuesday. Interior Minister GĂ©rald Darmanin announced after a video conference with his British counterpart Priti Patel that more security forces would be arriving on the French coast. London will support Paris until next year with an amount of 62.7 million euros.

Migrants from France often make the dangerous crossing, especially in good weather. They often come from refugee camps. Many use the services of smugglers.

The British government wants to act with all its might against the border crossings and is calling on France time and again to take stronger action against them. According to the BBC, the Home Office said again that “decisive steps will be taken to tackle the problem of illegal migration”. Patel had previously announced that asylum seekers who entered the country via illegal routes would eventually be given fewer rights than others. Regaining control of one’s borders is a key promise from Brexit politicians.

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