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Nostalgic for The Witcher 3, here are 9 video games to escape and hunt monsters

It’s now been five years since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a masterpiece from CD Projekt, was released. Are you nostalgic for hunting down wyverns, griffon, and other drowners of all kinds? Are you also the orphans of a lonely and charismatic hero who wanders through nature to meet increasingly mysterious characters and wild creatures? Equipped with one (or more) weapon (s), a canasson or with the sole power of your feet do you want to do justice to the outsider or just defeat a few monsters? In these times of confinement, we offer a selection of games that will allow you to escape (in passing) monstrous beasts during your journey.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

In the fifth episode of The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim doesn’t necessarily have to have played the previous roles. You play as Dovakhiin, the dragon born in the northern lands of Skyrim. Your hero has to carry out numerous missions in countries torn by civil war. You will travel through a medieval fantasy universe where you will meet many dragons and other creatures, all orchestrated by the epic sounds of Jeremy Soule. However, when its predecessor, Oblivion, was criticized for its many flaws, it introduced significant innovations with its dialogue system. However, Skyrim holds its own as the flagship of a franchise that has grown since its first work: Arena.

God of War (2018)

We no longer present the flagship licenses of Santa Monica Studio under the direction of Kratos. Accompanied by his son Atreus and armed with his Leviathan ax (halfway between Mjöllnir and Stormbreaker), the god of war roams the vast, snow-covered countries of Scandinavia, where gods (exactly that), giants, trolls and all kinds of creatures become him prevent him from completing his search. If you are looking for the epic breath of an extraordinary adventure sublimated by the fragile bond between father and child (a theme that is particularly present in The Witcher 3) you will find what you are looking for. Would you also like to let off steam legally over a person who does not return to you in everyday life? Let yourself be carried away by Kratos and his spartan anger that will rid you of any frustration.

Monster hunter

If you have been overwhelmed by the monster hunting aspect of The Witcher 3, the Monster Hunter franchise should be your thing. The principle couldn’t be simpler: you play as a monster hunter, you hunt monsters. It’s not for nothing that Capcom made a crossover in Monster Hunter: World and introduced Geralt of Rivia on a special quest. So Monster Hunter: World, the final opus of the license, has this specialty that can get you hooked as soon as the mechanics of the game are mastered. Capcom’s newest title isn’t just about the main missions as you have to take care of the side quests to discover the full bestiary and forge the ultimate armor. As you keep track of each monster, you will have the opportunity to collect various components that will be useful for making new weapons and armor.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Yes, you will tell me “but there are absolutely no monsters in Red Dead Redemption 2?” Of course, strictly speaking, I will admit that there is no monstrous creature in office in this open world of the Wild West. However, the universe is so rich that it offers the opportunity to hunt an incredibly diverse fauna, ranging from simple doe to wild bears. Especially since you hunt real monsters in Red Dead Redemption 2 who are disguised as humans. If you want to find an epic worthy of The Witcher, Rockstar satisfies the game with near-perfect narration through charismatic characters and a protagonist who easily follows the mythical John Marston, the hero of the previous opus.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and SHADOW OF WAR

Fan of the legendary universe of Tolkien? Have you always dreamed of roaming the dark and threatening lands of Mordor under the yoke of Dark Lord Sauron and his orcs? In Shadow of Mordor you encamp the Ranger Talion, a Gondorian guardian of the Black Gate who is doomed to wander between the realm of the living and the dead. The opportunity to free yourself from the curse arises when a mysterious elven ghost comes to his aid. Lovers of monsters must hunt the dreaded Uruk-hai and other demonic creatures that infest Mordor to complete your mission. Its sequel, The Shadow of War, allows you to find freedom with a vastly richer universe. Thanks to the contribution of the Nemesis system, legions are the enemies that Talion will hunt down over Gorgoroth in this open world from Num to Cirith Ungol.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

The DNA of The Witcher 3 can be clearly felt in the latest installment of the Ubisoft saga. In addition to the gigantic open world you are immersed in, you will face multiple choice dialogues and moral dilemmas not dissimilar to CD Projekt’s title. In magnificent surroundings between land and sea, you can play as Misthios (mercenary) Alexios or Kassandra, with whom you hunt down the members of the Kosmos cult. During your trip, you will also have to face terrible mythical creatures from the Nemean lion to Medusa. A pulsating adventure punctuated by the epic breath of ancient Greece. After the very successful “Soft RPG” Assassins Creed Origins, Ubisoft has officially crossed the threshold of the RPG stricto sensu in Odyssey, with an improved skill tree, ever more diverse equipment, treasures to be discovered and a variety of side quests. The French developer is fully responsible for the renewal of its franchise, which has now started a few opuses.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is recognized by fans as the best of the series and has a lot in common with The Witcher 3. A medieval fantasy setting, a variety of characters and multiple choice dialogue. Dragon Age: Origins takes place in the kingdom of Ferelden in a dark and troubled time, when terrible creatures, known as spawns, are disappearing from their homes. The city of Ostagar is preparing to submit to an attack by this evil legion under the command of an archdemon. With a challenging yet entertaining combat system and sophisticated font, Dragon Age: Origins offers 40 hours of intense fun – a must-have if you have been won over by The Witcher 3 universe.


For all fans of vintage games, the restriction may be the opportunity to get your old Xbox or PC out of the boxes to put this monument of the role-playing game: Fable first of the name back on the scene. As a true pillar of the role-playing game, the epically signed Lionhead was given a second youth in 2014 with a revised version on PC and Xbox 360, which rewarded us with a significant graphical improvement. The game thus immerses you in the universe of Albion, in which men live with creatures and are forced to fight them in order not to be devoured. A frame that is reminiscent of that of a Best. Polish Seller Released in 2015 …. With sophisticated storytelling and a combat system of the same kind, Fable is hard to miss if you’re a The Witcher fan looking for a touch of nostalgia.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo’s world famous franchise is no longer featured. In this work, Breath of the Wild can easily rival The Witcher 3 if you are looking for the open-air scene change experience. Nintendo’s title differentiates the Zelda formula by presenting players with the first real open-world adventure that Link embarks on. Hyrule is shown here in a melancholy way, like the continent The Witcher 3. You have to climb anything and everything on your own to really find your way through this gigantic world. If you have 100 hours (hello containment) as much as it is spent on rewarding activities … like collecting the 900 Korok seeds, freeing the four divine creatures, or finding the best sets. of armor.


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