North Korea warns of a dire situation following Biden’s speech | Free press


US President Joe Biden’s speech on the new North Korean US policy did not like self-proclaimed nuclear power. Pyongyang is now shooting verbally accordingly.

Seoul (AP) – North Korea’s self-proclaimed nuclear power has accused US President Joe Biden of a grave error and threatened consequences for his warning about its nuclear weapons program.

The main point of the US’s new North Korean policy has now become clear, Kwon Jong Gun, chief of the US affairs department at the North Korean State Department, said Sunday, referring to Biden’s first speech as president before the US. US Congress. days ago. In it, Biden described North Korea as a “serious threat” to the security of the US and the world.

Kwon described Biden’s statements as unbearable. The state media quoted Kwon as saying that Biden had “made a grave mistake in light of the current perspective.” North Korea will be forced to take appropriate action, “and over time the US will be in a very serious situation.”

As usual in Pyongyang, Kwon accused the US of hostile policies and “continued nuclear blackmail”. Kwon portrayed his country’s development of nuclear weapons as a right of self-defense.

North Korea is subject to severe international sanctions for its nuclear program. Among other things, the country is also developing long-distance tariffs, which see the US in particular as a threat.

Biden’s comments about North Korea came before a new Pyongyang policy was published. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki recently confirmed that the policy review is now complete. The new policy is “an appropriate, practical approach to diplomacy with North Korea with the aim of removing the threat to the US,” the Washington Post quoted a senior US government official on Friday. Details were initially unknown.

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