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Seoul (AP) – Before the change of government in the US, North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un challenges future US President Joe Biden with new declarations of war.

At the eighth congress of the ruling Workers’ Party in Pyongyang, Kim described the superpower the US as its “worst enemy” and announced the expansion of his country’s nuclear arsenal. “Foreign policy activities should be focused on subjugating the US,” state media quoted him on Saturday. He again accused the US of being hostile.

Kim said in the closed state’s first statement on the change to the US presidency that he did not expect a change in Washington’s policy toward his country. That is independent of who rules the US. Biden will be sworn in as the new president of the US on January 20.

With his comments before the change in Washington, Kim also dampened hopes of fresh impetus for the currently stalled US-North Korea negotiations over their nuclear weapons program. The talks have not progressed since Kim’s failed summit with US President-elect Donald Trump in Vietnam in February 2019. In total, Kim had met Trump three times. Referring to the meetings, Kim said hostile US policies had deteriorated despite North Korea’s “efforts”.

North Korea had insulted Trump’s political rival Biden several times in the past, calling him a “rabid dog.” Biden had called Kim a tyrant several times. He also criticized the way Trump got closer to communist leadership in Pyongyang.

In his nine-hour report, which the state media said he delivered to thousands of delegates between the start of Congress on Tuesday and Thursday, Kim discussed a number of projects aimed at strengthening the armed forces and expanding nuclear power. arsenal, including “first strike” and “retaliation”. . He reiterated that North Korea would not use its nuclear weapons as long as “enemy forces” do not attempt to attack the country with nuclear weapons.

Pyongyang has been promoting the development of missiles that can be equipped with nuclear warheads for years. It is therefore subject to severe international sanctions, which also hinder the economic development of the country.

Kim called for the development of tactical nuclear weapons and fixed-propulsion ICBMs. Spy satellites and military drones should also be introduced. His country is now preparing to test and manufacture various weapons, including a multi-warhead missile and “supersonic sliding warheads for a new type of ballistic missile,” Kim said. The plans for a new nuclear submarine are almost complete.

There are fears abroad that North Korea could also resume nuclear testing. In late 2019, Kim said Pyongyang was no longer bound by the moratorium on testing for atomic bombs and ICBMs. In his report to the party congress, Kim unambiguously referred to “tactical nuclear weapons,” the expert Ankit Panda wrote on Twitter. That may “indicate a return to nuclear testing”. He described Kim’s report as “possibly one of North Korea’s most important statements about the planned qualitative nuclear modernization”.

Kim also spoke of a new five-year development plan that should be approved at the party conference. The core of the plan is “independence and economic independence”. At the start of the conference, Kim admitted that the goals of the old five-year plan of 2016 had not been achieved. Formally speaking, the Congress, which was originally supposed to take place every five years, is the main organ of the party. However, the Seventh Congress in May 2016 was the first in 36 years.

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