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No solution to the conflict in the Magdeburg coalition | Free press

Magdeburg / Berlin (dpa) – The time for a solution to the deadlocked dispute between the black-red-green coalition in Saxony-Anhalt over the state treaty vote and the increase in broadcast costs is becoming increasingly scarce. On Monday there were discussions between parties and a coalition meeting of the summit.

The meeting dragged on, in the early evening it was announced that there would be no more rulings on Monday. Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff (CDU) calls for a joint solution. It has now become known that Minister of Finance Michael Richter (CDU) must also lead the Interior Department. Haseloff fired Interior Minister Holger Stahlknecht on Friday.

Like the AfD, the CDU in Saxony-Anhalt rejects the higher broadcast costs. Together they would have a majority in parliament. Coalition partners SPD and Greens want the voice and also the plus for the public broadcasters. An important preliminary decision is on Wednesday, when the state parliament’s media commission will vote on which ballot it recommends for the plenary vote a week later.

If Saxony-Anhalt does not agree with the controversial state treaty and thus the contribution increases by 86 cents to 18.36 euros, it will be completely destroyed. All countries must reach an agreement by the end of the year. In the event of a blockade in Saxony-Anhalt, broadcasters are expected to call the Federal Constitutional Court to denounce the adjustment calculated by an independent party.

The CDU faction in the Magdeburg state parliament reaffirmed its no to the increase on Monday. There are several possible options for a common line of the black-red-green coalition, CDU group chairman Siegfried Borgwardt said after his group’s deliberations. In addition to an abstention from all three partners, he listed proposals that state parliament would stop voting on the state treaty this year or that the state government could withdraw it for renegotiation. All options boil down to blocking.

Whether the SPD and Greens will get involved in any of the CDU proposals is open. The SPD and Greens had announced no future for the coalition that had existed since 2016 if the CDU votes against its partners with the AfD.

Over the weekend, the SPD and the Greens on the one hand and the CDU on the other urged the respective opposing party to move within the coalition in Magdeburg. A number of prime ministers made it clear that the state treaty could not be renegotiated.

After all, when it comes to personal data, the CDU of Saxony-Anhalt is two steps further: Finance Minister Richter also becomes head of the Interior Department. This is the favorite variant of Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff, which he also thinks is a good idea, said CDU group leader Siegfried Borgwardt in Magdeburg on Monday. Richter himself confirmed the plan. The Berlin-born judge has intervened for the second time in this parliamentary term: he only took over as Minister of Finance in the summer of 2019 after his predecessor André Schröder (CDU) had to resign under pressure from within the party. Before that, Richter was State Secretary for Finance.

And there is another solution: after Stahlknecht also announced that he would step down from the state chairmanship, the executive state council determined the future position of the top management on Sunday evening. Deputy bosses, Minister of Education Marco Tullner, ex-Minister of Finance André Schröder and Bundestag member Heike Brehmer will take over official affairs until further notice, together with General Secretary Sven Schulze. Tullner should be the “first point of contact and authorized representative”. Tullner and Schulze will represent the CDU on the coalition committee. Should there be a coalition committee on the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty in the coming days, Schulze will represent the party.


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