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No record broken in France for No Time To Die

With 288,397 admissions for its first day, this Wednesday, October 6, the 25th James Bond tops out far behind the 360,643 admissions of Quantum of Solace in 2008 and does not even appear in the rearview mirror of 007 Specter with its dizzying 850,297 spectators in 2015. Admittedly, the cinema is still recovering after eighteen months of pandemic turbulence, but, above all, beware of appearances: Skyfall, holder of the absolute attendance record for a Bond in France with nearly 7 million dollars. entries in 2012, had started its race (an October 26) below the scores of No Time To Die.

“The start of Mourir can wait is nothing dishonorable, but its figures in Great Britain are historic, its global start is exceptional and, suddenly, expectations were perhaps a little too high for France” decrypts Éric Marti, CEO of Comscore. “In addition, unlike 007 Specter and Quantum of Solace, which were released on November 10 and October 31 respectively, the eve of public holidays, this new Bond is released on October 6, in a period of rising tide, after a month of September. traditionally weak. Finally, Wednesday was just not a good day for the operators, the market was very low without a real explanation. Let’s wait and see how word-of-mouth works by Monday. ”

Word-of-mouth … On the purist side, it turns out to be a rat race. Founded in 1997, a reference circle (including abroad) and the oldest active association devoted to myth, the James Bond France Club has recognized “heated debates” between its members for a few days. Some people love the movie. Others feel betrayed by the small revolutions carried out against 007 in Mourir can wait: in their eyes, this fifth and final part of the “Daniel Craig cycle” has excessively denatured Bondien DNA, to the point of no. -return. P

resident of the institution, a lifelong fan of the Bond universe and devoting a very particular love to The Spy Who Loved Me (the best of the Bond period Roger Moore, in the general opinion), Luc Le Clech tempers without for You might as well hide your disappointment: “We saw a good action movie full of twists and turns, yes… But we didn’t have the impression of seeing a James Bond. 007 has always been this hero of fantasy, super well undermined, who drives cars, seduces the most beautiful women … And who both amuses us and allows us to project ourselves into him for the duration of a film. With No Time To Die, one gets the impression that the writers have fallen into the trap of over-romance. But what bothers me most is this feeling that Daniel Craig, from film to film, has absorbed, stifling James Bond. Especially since he ended up getting the title of producer of the saga, after ruthless negotiations behind the facade of emotions! The result was great in Casino Royale, but, little by little, the myth became too much centered around an actor and not the other way around … No Time To Die is sure to be a hit, but it is not the farewell that was expected. “


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