No more: Our favorite “Desperate Housewives” could return in 2022


No more: Our favorite “Desperate Housewives” could return in 2022

One picture was enough to upset fans. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it looks like something will happen later this year.

We barely noticed it and a decade has passed since the end of the series that hit all televisions. “Desperate Housewives” marked the beginning of the new golden age of television and reaped the fruits. Now it seems that the series also wants to take advantage of the wave of remakes and reboots – thanks to the fans.

All rumors began with an unexpected release of the series, which aired in 2004, on social networks, but ended in 2012. A picture with the five protagonists in speech appeared on Twitter and Facebook. “I’m desperately waiting for 2022,” was the title.

The story created by Marc Cherry (“Golden Girls”, “Devious Maids”) follows the lives of four housewives who live in Wisteria Lane, a quiet neighborhood full of secrets. Success earned the series seven Emmys, especially for the performance of the cast consisting of Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria.

That 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the end of the series could indicate that something is being prepared, although none of the personalities associated with Desperate Housewives have given public endorsement. However, they have publicly accepted the will to return to Wisteria Lane, especially the protagonists.

Eva Longoria, for example, used an interview in November 2021 to be excited about a hypothetical rebirth of the series. “We ended the series with Gaby starting her own company. I would love to come back and see how it went, ”said the actress who played Gabrielle Solis on the show.

* waits * desperately * for 2022.

Posted by Desperate Housewives on Friday December 31st, 2021

While making assurances that there are no official plans for a comeback, the 46-year-old actress guaranteed that she would “be the first to say yes” when anything like this moved forward, be it a new series, movie, or just just a reunion with the actors.

Longoria also explained the vision of the series creator, with whom he is in close contact. “You feel like we’ve worn out each character’s narrative and mine couldn’t sleep with anyone else on this street,” he says.

For her part, Cherry seems to insist that finding more leeway in Wisteria Lane’s mystery and drama will be difficult. “I did 180 episodes of ‘Desperate Housewives’, a lot less than, for example, ‘Sex and the City’ which was shown on cable TV and had a lot fewer episodes,” he explained in 2019 of the unwillingness to make the series Reborn .

Even without confirmation, the fans remain persistent: The New Year’s Eve publication promises to further fuel speculation about a possible return in the 10th anniversary year. We have to wait and see.