No more: Gaia receives free contemporary circus shows by the sea


No more: Gaia receives free contemporary circus shows by the sea

The event will take place from September 16-19 in the village of Arcozelo. Then it continues with a special online timetable.

Shows will not be missing.

It is the third edition of the Cupula Circus Village Festival, an event organized by the National Institute of Circus Arts (INAC) in collaboration with the Arcozelo Municipal Council, which makes this region the first Circus Village in Portugal. Between September 16 and 19, the event will again take place by the sea, next to the pedestrian bridges of the village of Arcozelo in Vila Nova de Gaia. The festival will then continue with an online program on September 22nd and 23rd.

In this 2021 edition there are more than 30 proposals in a program for whole families. And one thing is certain: Arcozelo will become an artistic center in which the contemporary circus in all its facets plays the leading role.

Whether in tents or alternative stages in the village, there are several performances that will take place in this village of Vila Nova de Gaia. The best thing is that they are all free and all you have to do is pick up the tickets, which are available at the festival box office 1h30 before the show starts.

“Between shows, master classes, circus workshops for families, street performances, musical moments, circus school exchanges, cinema, a conference and a photo exhibition, there is no shortage of arguments for one or more visits to this community of Vila Nova de Gaia,” explains the Cupula Circus Village Festival in comments on the official website.

Cathedral circus village festival

The dome circus village festival returns to Arcozelo from September 16-19. The first circus village in Portugal this year focuses on companies headquartered in Portugal. Come and support our artists and the culture that takes place here. Cupula Circus Village FestivalAm the festival, safe from us for you. David Calhau, David Valente, Giacomo Scalisi, Nha Identidade, by Gaspar Ribeiro, Chiara Capparelli, “Do Ferro à Ferrugem”, by Alan Sencades, @Davide Milani Marzia Zambianchi, Sage Bachtler Cushman, @ Hugo Maciel, Daniel Seabra, Typhoon Andrade, Sofia Encarnação, Ariana Silva, Carolina Vasconcelos, Lia Sara,

Posted by Cupula Circus Village Festival on Monday 6th Sep 2021

Note that the festival first took place in 2018 but stopped in 2020 for an obvious reason: the pandemic. To counter its impact, in this third edition, the organization decided to promote a fully national program “to support the production of contemporary circus, from reference companies to emerging companies and artists operating in Portuguese territory,” explains the Organization.

Those interested can follow the program available online.