Niu Technologies launches its first electric scooter, the Kick Scooter

The manufacturer Niu Technologies, which specializes in urban mobility solutions, has just presented its electric scooter, which will be available in France this summer.

Kick Scooter: the most comfortable of all scooters

The Kick Scooter is the name of the electric scooter from Niu Technologies and was introduced alongside the 4 new electric bikes.

It will be available in 2 versions:

The difference lies in the power of the motor, since the first has a power of 300 W and the second has a power of 350 W. They allow you to easily wait for the top speed in France of 25 km / h.

What sets it apart from the competition is that its large battery of 486 Wh for the professional and 365 Wh for sport can hold 50 and 40 kilometers respectively to be charged.

As for the brakes, the Pro has one front and one rear while the Sport has a single front brake. Both have the right to regenerative braking, which extends the range. In addition, all information is on a small screen located in the middle of the handlebars. However, Niu also developed its application and you can get more information such as: B. Statistics on your daily usage.

The rest is almost identical to an IP54 certification, which means that they are waterproof, foldable and equipped with all devices required for safety reasons (light, reflectors, …) without any problems.

For the Pro model it is 699 euros, for the sport 599 euros.

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