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NiT Voting: What’s the Best HBO Series Ever?

NiT Voting: What’s the Best HBO Series Ever?

We pre-selected 34 productions of the best ever made on television. However, the final choice is the reader.

If we can speak of a golden era on television, HBO certainly has some merit in the label. With bold productions and complex characters, the producer has left his mark on the world of series and mini-series. It’s a world reference.

From a gangster sitting in the therapist’s office to a group of women who have taken the lead in conversations about sex and gone through epic worlds of battles and dragons or police stories that were almost a treatise on society in which we live, HBO has long since become an on-screen business for all of us. Especially since it was also introduced in Portugal. And it goes on every year to give us new characters and plots that deserve our attention.

Between wars, betrayals, love, obsessions, and intrigue, there is a world of productions for HBO to discover. It is no accident that in every list that can be found on this internet outside of the best series of all time there are always series from this house. But which one will be the best?

To answer this question, there is nothing like the help of our readers. NiT selected 34 productions, between series and mini-series, that stood out in their own way. The choice is up to the reader. The vote is open.


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