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NiT survey: who is the best character in “Pôr do Sol”?

NiT survey: who is the best character in “Pôr do Sol”?

The choice between the bourbon de linseed and the staff, the neighborhood core and the editorial staff of Blaze will be difficult.

“Sunset, sunset, sunset”.

The end of “Pôr do Sol”, the RTP telenovela, which satirized the telenovela format in prime time for three weeks. It has now gained a loyal following, becoming a cult production, complete with fan merchandise and thousands of jokes and dialogues shared over the internet.

Like every soap opera, “Pôr do Sol” – directed by Manuel Pureza and written by Henrique Dias – relies on strong characters. Some are more charismatic than others, but they all played a part in the narrative, which spanned 16 episodes and is still available on RTP Play.

NiT has decided to start a public vote to choose who is the best character in “Pôr do Sol”. It will be a difficult decision between the villainous uncle Simão Bourbon de Linhaça, the humble protagonist Lourenço, the housekeeper António, the matriarch Madalena, the evil twin Filipa or the con man Tó Mané.

And not to forget the smaller characters: Inspector Paula, Dr. Ricardo, the boy from Madragoa, Father Vitó or Toy himself can also enter the race.

While making your decision, find out who Henrique Dias is, the screenwriter who creates the dialogues and jokes in “Pôr do Sol”; Take the opportunity to read NiT’s review of the first few episodes; Find out what actor Diogo Amaral had to say about the experience; and don’t miss the semi-official merchandise that can be found in the soap opera’s online store.

The vote is now open – whoever wins will receive the São Cajó necklace (which has been in the Bourbon de Linhaça family for over 3500 years).


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