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Ninja’s wife threatens Pokimane with consequences after hate raid affair

For the past few days, Pokimane has been at the center of all the controversy on Twitch. The young streamer with more than 8 million subscribers has been the subject of hate attacks from streamer JiDion. If he has since been permanently banned from Twitch for his acts of harassment, as we have explained to you in this article, it seems that we have not yet reached the terms of this case.

Pokimane reacts to this streamer’s attacks

In a live that took place on Jan. 17, Imane “Pokimane” Anys wanted to come back to the recent controversy streamer JiDion was involved in. The Twitch star explained that he was surprised by the reactions of one particular vaper, who however appeared to be outside of the confit.

Pokimane has called out Ninja for his actions during the Jidion drama and his attempt to help Jidion “evade a ban on harassing her” pic.twitter.com/COsMgA8OXM

January 17, 2022

Pokimane was talking about Streamer Ninja back then. In fact, during a live organized by the Fortnite and JiDion star, the young man allowed himself to launch a spade, which Pokimane ended up taking personally.

You cannot raid Twitch rooms.

The streamer defended against the use of the term “sal**es” on the grounds that it wasn’t aimed at a specific person but at “sal**es in general”. However, this didn’t go past Pokimane’s eyes, who wondered, “I wonder if Ninja would have used the word ‘bitches’ when referring to a male streamer who had been attacked”.

Pokimane taken to court

Pokimane continued his life by stating that Ninja had “contacted his Twitch representative” to save JiDion from too severe a suspension. That position seems to have unsettled the streamer, who wondered again:

Why would Ninja help someone avoid a ban for stalking me? I have no idea, I really don’t know.

These remarks from Pokimane will eventually have added fuel to the fire. On social media, the streamer would have been challenged in a private message by Jessica Blevins, Ninja’s wife.


January 18, 2022

We consider anything done at this point to be defamation and are putting our legal team on the case. You spit your lies in the face of thousands of people. You know Twitch, you claim to know their rep, so you know Ninja has never come to anyone’s aid… They are actively harassing me and Ninja right now, so we take it very seriously.

How will this case end? It’s hard to say… However, Jessica Blevins seems determined that a solution will be found in court. For her part, Pokimane was a little more open to the discussion, stating that she was willing to accept that Ninja was “pretending to send a message to his representative, Twitch.” If you like Twitch controversy, here’s an article about a streamer who got banned while producing the same content as Pokimane.


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