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After ten years, Andrew Cuomo resigns as governor of New York. His successor, Kathy Hochul, who has been his deputy since 2015, wants to fight “every day like hell” for the people.

Albany (AP) – After the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, his designated successor, Kathy Hochul, publicly distanced himself from him and promised changes.

“I think it’s very clear that the governor and I weren’t very close,” the 62-year-old Democratic Party politician said at her first press conference as governor in Albany.

The work atmosphere, which a report under Cuomo had described as “hostile” to women with a “climate of fear,” will change under her leadership and there will also be staff changes among the employees, promised Hochul, who has been Cuomo’s deputy since 2015 . “At the end of my term, whenever that is, no one will describe my government as a toxic work environment.” Hochul also promised transparency.

First woman as governor of New York

Cuomo resigned on Tuesday after ten years in office — a week after an official investigation alleged he had sexually harassed several women. The 63-year-old Democratic Party politician announced that he would resign in 14 days – then Hochul will take over. This is the first time a woman has served as governor of the US East Coast state, at least temporarily.

The transfer will go smoothly, Cuomo promised her, said the lawyer and mother of two, who has held various political positions in the state for decades. Her style is to listen to people and then act decisively. “I will fight for you every day like hell,” she promised the people of New York State.

Hochul championed the issues she and Cuomo had campaigned for in recent years, including the minimum wage. The government has achieved a lot in this regard. “I know the job, I’ve been fighting the same issues, so I’m better suited for this job than anyone else.”

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