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New York (AP) – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo does not want to step down despite new allegations of intimidation. It would be “anti-democratic” to step down on allegations alone, he said in a conference call. “I will not be resigning in any way,” he added.

Then Democrat Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​- the president of the senate – demanded that Cuomo resign. “There is a new report every day that takes the focus away from government work,” said Stewart-Cousins. “We have to rule without daily distractions. Governor Cuomo must resign. “

Carl E. Heastie, majority leader of state parliament Democrats, was also critical. “I think it is time for the governor to seriously consider whether he can still effectively meet the needs of the people of New York,” said Heastie. Like a German prime minister, Cuomo heads the cabinet of the state of New York as governor. It relies on the Senate and the state parliament as legislative bodies.

Two other former employees had made accusations against the politician in the American media. Cuomo called her to his dimly lit hotel room after an event in 2000 and hugged her, Karen Hinton told the Washington Post.

When she retired, Cuomo drew her back to herself, said the woman, who was an adviser to Cuomo, who was then active in the ministry of construction. You disconnected and left the room. Cuomo’s spokesman, Peter Ajemian, vehemently denied their allegations: “That didn’t happen,” he told the Washington Post. Hinton was an opponent of the governor and her claims made 21 years ago were made up, he said.

Meanwhile, another ex-employee has accused him of inappropriate workplace behavior. Ana Liss told the Wall Street Journal that he asked if she had a boyfriend and kissed her hand. He also hugged her at a reception in 2014, kissed her on both cheeks and put his arm around her lower back. Then they turned to a photographer who took a picture of Cuomo’s hand on the woman’s waist.

This increases the number of allegations against the governor. Previously, three women had accused Cuomo, who had been elected for a third term in 2018, of inappropriately touching or verbally harassing them in the past. Cuomo had already apologized this week, but refused to resign. He pledged to cooperate fully with an investigation launched by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

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