New series of “A Guerra dos Thrones” is recorded in Portugal


New series of “A Guerra dos Thrones” is recorded in Portugal

The historic village of Monsanto is one of the filming locations for part of the new HBO production.

“The War of the Thrones” ended in 2019.

We all knew the prequel to A Guerra dos Thrones, House of the Dragon, would premiere in 2022. Now, according to “Jornal do Fundão”, it is known that part of the new HBO series will be recorded in Portugal. The historic village of Monsanto will be one of the selected locations for the filming.

According to the regional publication, there was a technical visit from the local department, producers and one of the directors of the series in June. The international team will have stayed at Hotel Fonte Santa in Termas de Monfortinho, and Monsanto Castle was one of the biggest attractions to do this medieval-inspired fantasy production there.

The “Jornal do Fundão” also says that a new visit will take place this week together with the President of the Idanha-a-Nova City Council, Armindo Jacinto, and the President of the Monsanto City Council, Paulo Paiva Monteiro, starting the logistical preparations . If this is confirmed, hundreds of people will work on the set.

The recordings for “House of the Dragon” will start in Spain in October. The story is based on the book “Fire & Blood” by author George RR Martin and revolves around the Targaryen family, 300 years before the events we all saw in the Mother Series. There will be ten episodes.