New season 2 monsters will be revealed in the Halloween video

Last weekend was the famous Halloween party. And while normally a good number of young and old roam the streets in search of goodies of all kinds, the hiring has taken place. But Halloween was still an opportunity to spot invisible monsters from season two of The Witcher, thanks to a new video focusing on the bestiary of the Netflix series adaptation.

strange creatures for season 2

After a first season in December 2019, the Netflix series The Witcher has to return to the platform with a second season currently being shot in the UK. Snapshots of the filming also allowed us to learn more about the plot, as well as the costumes of certain characters. And anyone who says Halloween means monsters and other strange creatures. To celebrate this very special season, Netflix has released a video in its series The Witcher that traces the various appearances of strange creatures.

We discover Geralt and the end of Jaskier next to monsters like the Golden Dragon, the Kikimorrah or the Sylvan. Thanks to this quick overview of the bestiary from the first season of the Netflix series, we can also find invisible monsters from the second season. Only two monsters appear there, one eye crawling in the 15th second and three strange skulls in the 31st second. . Mysterious creatures that should be revealed more this second season, probably 2021 at the earliest.

Season two bestiary will likely be made available, with monsters being a main essence of The Witcher saga. At the start of the season dedicated to Geralt’s training Ciri, there is no better way to train the young sorcerer by allowing her to face certain creatures face to face. The opportunity for the young woman to use the various blades and poisons invented by the jokes. Regardless, this second season should continue to unfold over the months.

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