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New Russian military plane crashed during test | free press

A fire breaks out on the engine of a new Russian military plane. The machine crashes near Moscow – three people die.

Moscow (AP) – A newly developed military aircraft in Russia crashed during a test flight near the Russian capital Moscow. On Tuesday, a fire broke out in an engine of the Ilyushin Il-112B, aircraft manufacturer OAK reported to the Interfax agency. For example, there were two test pilots and a driver on board. Government agencies reported that they did not survive.

A video shows flames erupting from the right engine, causing the machine to lose height, tilt to the side and fall headfirst into a forest. According to the OAK, the plane had previously taken off from Kubinka airport near Moscow.

According to the media, the Il-112B is the first military transport aircraft to be completely redeveloped in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It can therefore carry up to five tons of weapons, military equipment, cargo and personnel.

Shortly before the accident, it became known that the chief designer of the Ilyushin series Il-76 and Il-78 had died after a long illness. Andrei Jurassow was a true professional in his field, aircraft manufacturer OAK announced.


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