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Düsseldorf (AP) – In the scandal surrounding right-wing extremist chat groups at the police of North Rhine-Westphalia, another ten officers have been suspended.

Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul (CDU) announced this. Right-wing extremists and allegedly criminally relevant content were posted in a cone chat group of police officers, which included 15 participants. The content was “extremely xenophobic and inhumane,” said Reul.

The ongoing investigations into the topic would have brought the other WhatsApp group to light, Reul said. Two of the participants were also in the already well-known group “Alpha Team”, in which similar material circulated. This has increased the number of employees at the NRW security authorities to whom there are corresponding references to 191. In September, the first right-wing chat groups at the police station came to light.

Regarding the cases that have now become known, Reul said that the view through a telescopic sight of an Arab-looking person was added, “We focus on the person.” The attack in Christchurch, in which a right-wing terrorist killed 51 people in New Zealand, said: “Too many shots missed.”

The chat group that was founded in 2015 is named after the fictional character of the black slave “Kunta Kinte”. Under a machine gun, the following was posted in old German script: “We also broadcast in Turkish and Arabic. Radio Germania 90.3. Goes in the ear, stays in the head, ”said Reul. “This is unbearable.” Numerous Hitler pictures and anti-Semitic messages were also discovered.

Officials had also been photographed bowling for a swastika. “For me that means: people are openly committed to brown ideas,” said Reul.

On Tuesday morning, searches were carried out in 17 objects in Mülheim / Ruhr, Velbert, Essen and in the Emsland. 160 officers were on duty. 606 data carriers have been seized and must now be assessed. About 8,000 messages were posted in the chat group itself, not all of which had been viewed and assessed.

The Duisburg prosecutor’s office confirmed that nine other officials are under investigation for hate speech and the use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations. In total there are now 24 officials in the proceedings in Duisburg. They are accused of posting relevant photos, videos and audio files.

Michael Mertens, head of the police union (GdP) in North Rhine-Westphalia, said on Tuesday: “It was feared that the investigation would reveal more cases. If the charges are true, then there are no two opinions: Anyone who shares inhumane or racist files has no business with the police. “

However, Mertens emphasized that – aside from criminal prosecution – a court should ultimately rule on the dismissal of officials. Reul had said on Tuesday that in the case of the current raids he himself did not yet know “whether it will hold up in court afterwards. But I don’t care either. Because that is not possible. Point”.

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