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Police reportedly fired live ammunition at protesters in Myanmar. Given the ongoing violence, the UN Security Council will re-discuss the crisis.

Naypidaw (dpa) – Mass protests against Myanmar’s military junta continue unabated despite massive police brutality. On Wednesday, the 30th day of the resistance, security forces again cracked down on protesters in various parts of the country, local media reported.

Tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets have been reused in the former capital of Rangoon, the portal Eleven Myanmar wrote on Twitter.

On social networks, observers reported that the police had fired live ammunition again. At least one young protester is said to have been shot in Myingyan, near the northern city of Mandalay. This information could not be independently verified. Disturbing photos and videos also circulated showing a lifeless body with a heavily bleeding face. The exact number of deaths since the protests began is currently unclear. On Sunday alone, 18 people died.

Given the ongoing violence, the UN Security Council will re-discuss the crisis. As several diplomats reported unanimously, Britain signed up for a meeting behind closed doors in New York on Friday. Also on Wednesday, there were calls to the United Nations in social networks to help the country. Eyewitnesses are increasingly calling the former Burma a “war zone”.

The army had staged a coup d’état against de facto head of government Aung San Suu Kyi in early February. The 75-year-old had won the November parliamentary elections by a clear margin. She has since been under house arrest and has been answerable in court on several charges. The protesters demand the restoration of the former icon of freedom.

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