New Plagiarism Allegations Against Franziska Giffey | free press


Franziska Giffey wants to become the reigning mayor of Berlin. The Berlin SPD is doing well in investigations. Are the new accusations of plagiarism from the ex-family minister now a hindrance to the bill?

Berlin (dpa) – Five weeks before the elections for the Berlin House of Representatives, new accusations of plagiarism against top SPD candidate and state president Franziska Giffey have been revealed.

It is about her master’s thesis, which the former federal minister for family affairs wrote in 2005 at the end of her studies at the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Justice in Berlin.

Anatol Stefanowitsch, professor of linguistics at the Free University of Berlin (FU), has been studying this for some time. Giffey did not correctly quote 62 times on 26 pages, thereby violating scientific standards, he criticized in an interim report available to the German news agency on Friday. The portal “t-online” was the first to report about it.

The assessment has not yet been completed, Stefanowitsch said. Plagiarism has so far been detected on about a third of the pages. Among other things, Giffey regularly did not use quotes when displaying quotes. In addition, the source was incorrect in 15 places.

No intentional attempt at deception?

Law firm Unverzagt, which represents Giffey, referred when asked to a statement from ‘t-online’. According to the law firm, your client wrote the master’s thesis ‘to the best of his knowledge and belief’. “To the extent that it failed to adequately identify the verbatim adoptions based on scientific standards, it was done unintentionally and in particular not for the purpose of presenting the scientific findings of the quoted as their own.”

After a review of Giffey’s dissertation, the FU withdrew the politician’s doctorate in June. At the time, the university announced that the doctorate was obtained through “deception about the independence of its academic performance”. In May, Giffey resigned as federal minister of family pending this decision, but made it clear that she did not want to give up her ambitions in state politics.